Monta Vista Capital

Monta Vista Capital closes its largest fund to date

Setting Monta Vista apart is that the firm doesn’t raise capital from institutional investors, but rather leverages a large network of 65 individual investors.

The Station: Audi punts on Level 3, Lyft layoffs and Nio’s $1 billion deal

While COVID-related stay-at-home orders have been extended in some places, officials in other places in the U.S. have decided to open up. We are watching and waiting to see how this plays out.

KlearNow raises $16 million to bring customs clearance industry into the digital age

Customs is the sieve of international supply chains. And yet despite its critical role, clearing customs for freight brokers can be a slow and opaque process reliant on manual data entry and prone to

Fenox Venture Capital puts India fund on hold after General Partner Venktesh Shukla departs

Fenox Venture Capital has put plans for its India-focused fund on hold after a recently appointed general partner who was hired to lead that fund, Venktesh Shukla, hastily departed the firm. TechCrunc