Dell’s 40-inch curved monitor is perfect for a home office command center

Dell’s kicking off 2021 with a new addition to its monitor lineup that aims to hit a variety of sweet spots. The Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD monitor offers 39.7″ of screen real estate,

Dell monitors embrace video calls with pop-up webcams and Teams buttons built in

Dell’s latest monitors reflect the growing need for simple, solid solutions to video conferencing needs, with a clever pop-up camera and a perhaps too clever by half Teams integration. The new d

Dell’s U3219Q 32-inch 4K monitor provides a perfect home office upgrade

Dell has long garnered high esteem for the quality of its displays, and that hasn’t changed with its more recent models. What has changed is that more and more, people are looking for external m

Apple: Use only our special cloth to clean the $1,000 coating on our $5,000 Pro Display

If you thought the saga of the $7,000 Apple Pro Display XDR couldn’t get any more ridiculous, prepare yourself for the proverbial cherry on top: The company insists that you only use the single

Review: Samsung’s Space Monitor is handsome and minimal — if you have the desk for it

When Samsung announced the Space Monitor, I knew in an instant that it was going to be something I had to try out in person. Now that I've had time to do so, I'm happy to say it's much as advertised,

Samsung’s Space Monitor is practical and minimal

Samsung always has a huge presence at CES, but it isn't the giant TVs and flashy next-generation gadgets that have my attention this year; it's this simple, flexible monitor that looks like it would b

Now this… this is an ultra-wide monitor

I’ve been working with an ugly but functional lopsided two-monitor setup for years, and while it has served me well, I can’t say the new generation of ultra-wide monitors hasn’t temp

Inventory shortages may herald rebirth of Apple’s aging Thunderbolt Display

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display, first introduced in the summer of 2011, may be getting a refresh at WWDC, if inventory shortages at retail stores are any indication. Just try getting one at your lo

BabyPing Is A Wireless Baby Monitor You Control With Your iPhone

If you've been in the baby monitor racket as long as I have, you've seen it all: the good, the bad, and the unusable. Well here's a monitor that just might win my heart. It's called the BabyPing (ther

Sony's Outs Two New OLED Monitors

<img src="" /> It took Sony just <a href="">two mo

Toshiba Releases A Mobile 14-inch LCD Monitor Powered By USB

<img src="" />Today, <a href="">Toshiba</a> put out a new portable USB-powered monitor. It'

Eizo's 27-inch ColorEdge CG275W Monitor Can Calibrate Itself

<img src="" />If you've ever tried to calibrate your monitor, then you'd know it can be a tedious task. If you've never enjoyed t

Sony Announces TRIMASTER OLED Monitors

<img src="" /> It has become a bit quiet about <a href="">OLED</a> lately (apart from the <

This 15.6-inch LCD Display Is Powered By USB Alone

<img src="" /> If you currently look for a large sub display for your computer, Japanese accessory maker <a href="http://ww

EIZO Unveils 23-Inch Naked-Eye 3D Monitor With Full HD Resolution

<img src="" /> High-end computer display maker <a href="">EIZO</a> has <a hr

Gateway Outs Three Affordable And Good Looking LED LCD Monitors

<img src="">Gateway's latest monitors are a rare balance of classy looks and technical achievements -- at affordable pr

Video: Fujitsu's 3D Wraparound View Screen System For Cars

<img src="" /> In late 2008, we've shown you a <a href="

Sleep Scan: Tanita's sensor-equipped mat monitors your sleep

<img src="" /> Leading health monitor manufacturer <a href="">Tanita</a> today <a href="http://www.tani

Hey, Lenovo monitors, how's it going? Oh, is that multi-touch I see? Cool, cool.

<img src="" />There really isn't too much to say about these Lenovo monitors. To be honest, I never even knew Lenovo made monitors t

Video Review: Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 23-inch LED backlit monitor

Short Version: Samsung’s SyncMaster XL2370 is a 23-inch LED backlit monitor that retails for around $300. At under eight pounds and less than two inches thick, there’s a lot to like here.
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