Hey, Lenovo monitors, how's it going? Oh, is that multi-touch I see? Cool, cool.

There really isn’t too much to say about these Lenovo monitors. To be honest, I never even knew Lenovo made monitors till now. Speaking of monitors, I sure would to find one that’s not incredibly expensive, has a 1920×1200 resolution, and has a headphone jack. I’m a diva.

The highest end of the three monitors just announced today—the L2261, the L2361p Wide, and the L2461x Wide with multi-touch—has multi-tiuch. The name did give that away, but I needed to mention it to help pad this random story about random monitors.

All of them are a mere 1080p, which isn’t exactly anything to brag about in the realm of computer monitors. 1920×1200 or bust, I say.

Oh, price: $Lots. The L2461x Wide with multi-touch commands a $549-$580 price. I suppose if multi-touch if that important to you…