EIZO Unveils 23-Inch Naked-Eye 3D Monitor With Full HD Resolution

High-end computer display maker EIZO has announced [JP, PDF] a 3D monitor for the Japanese market today, the DuraVision FDF2301-3D. The LCD is sized at 23 inches, offers full HD resolution and comes with directional backlight. But the major selling point here is that users can view 3D images without glasses.

Users will be able to choose between the following 3D modes: Side by Side, Anaglyph, Frame Sequential, and Dual Input (the recommended viewing distance for 3D images is 890mm). EIZO says their display is the first to offer such a feature set.

The device comes with two DVI-D interfaces and one VESA Stereo Sync port. It’s sized at 650×261.7×566.3mm and weighs 16kg.

EIZO plans to start selling the DuraVision FDF2301-3D in the first half of 2011. Mainly geared towards academic institutions, the company expects the price to hit “millions of Yen” (one million Yen is currently US$12,000).