MiMo monitors now selling at ThinkGeek

<img src="" alt="mimo" />These 7-inch MiMo USB monitors aren't <em>NEW</em> new but they are now being sold at Thin

CrunchDeals: 22-inch LCD for $112

Well hello, unbelievably low-priced 22-inch monitor. If you need further proof that monitor prices, they are a-falling, here’s a 22-inch Acer for $99.99 plus $11.99 for shipping. To be fair, it&

NEC announces 43-inch curved LCD for the low, low price of $8,000

<img src="" alt="NEC" />Some people like big cars, some like big guns, and some like big monitors. If you're a big monitor person, this 43-inch

CrunchDeals: 19-inch Dell LCD for $89

<img class="left" title="295" src="" alt="295" width="295" height="295" />Dell's got a $60 price break on its 19-inch S1909WX LCD monitor, w

CrunchDeals: 26-inch LCD for $200 plus $15 shipping

<img src="" alt="monitor" />Back in the day, you'd have to sell a kidney to get your hands on the money for a 26-inch monitor. Now Costco

CrunchDeals: 28-inch monitor for $299

<img class="left" style="display:inline;" title="236036LL" src="" alt="236036LL" width="240" height="240" />Costco is selling a 28-inch

CrunchDeals: 24-inch monitor with HDMI for $189

<img src="" alt="asus" /> has a wheel of a deal on a 24-inch ASUS monitor at $189 with free shipping. And that's without ha

CrunchDeals: 23-inch Dell LCD for $159, 22-inch for $139

Wow, good double deal on Dell monitors. Take your pick of the 23-inch 1920×1080 S2309W for just $159 or the 22-inch version for $139. Both feature DVI and VGA inputs, but you’ll have to use

CrunchDeals: Refurbished 24-inch LCD for $185

<img src="" />PC Connection is selling a 24-inch refurbished ViewSonic LCD for $184.95 with free shipping. It only comes with a 90-day warra

CrunchDeals: 22-inch monitor for $149

<img src="">Best Buy is offering the 22-inch Acer AL2216WBD monitor for $149.99 after a $20 price break. It's got a 1680x1050 resolut

CrunchDeals: 24-inch monitor for $199

<img src="">I don’t want to get everybody’s hopes up, but we just might be entering the era of sub-$200 24-inch monitors. Sl

CrunchDeals: Acer 23-inch 1080p monitor for $199, deal ends today

<img src="">Newegg’s got a good deal on a 23-inch Acer monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. Normally $249, there’s a $40 price brea

CrunchDeals: Dell 24-inch monitor for $209

Now THAT is a low price on a 24-inch monitor. Dell Small Business is selling the S2409W for $209 after $90-worth of instant savings, plus you can use coupon code 1Z829VM32T983V to knock another 10% of

CrunchDeals: 26-inch monitor for $229 (today only)

Here’s a magnificent one-day-only deal on a 26-inch Westinghouse monitor. PC Connection is selling the L2610NW-SP for just $229.95 — that’s a lot of monitor for under $250. Specs inc

CrunchDeals: 24-inch ASUS monitor with built-in webcam for $259.99

  Here’s a handsome deal on a big monitor from Newegg. You can get the ASUS MK241H for just $259.99 (and free shipping) by using promo code EMCLPMV58 at checkout. It’s got a 1920×1200 re

CrunchDeals: Hannspree’s 20-inch LCD does 1080p and HDMI on the cheap

<img src="">Best Buy is now selling a 20-inch Hannspree monitor for $150. It’s capable of a maximum 1920x1080 resolution and will a

HOLY CRAP: Acer 22-inch LCD for $49.99 [UPDATE – it's over]

<img src="">Best Buy has a 22-inch Acer monitor in the outlet section for $49.99 plus $15 for shipping. I don’t know if it’s a mi

CrunchDeals: 19-inch Samsung monitor for $99

<img src="">Staples (home of the Easy Button) has a pretty good deal on a 19-inch Samsung monitor -- $99.98, down from almost $170.

CrunchDeals: 22-inch monitor for $119 after $30 rebate, $30 Visa card

<img src="">If you don’t mind jumping through some hoops (two, to be exact) then you, my friend, are in luck. PC Connection has a 22-i

CrunchDeals: 24-inch monitor for $199

<img src="">We’re finally starting to see 24-inch monitor prices fall below the $200 mark. Can you believe it? Seems like only yester
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