Monica Sarbu

Xata gives Jamstack developers access to a serverless data platform with an API call

A couple of years ago, Xata founder Monica Sarbu was putting together a passion project called, a platform she was building to help women in tech find mentors. She wanted to include a Postgres wants to help women thrive in tech jobs through mentorship

Monica Sarbu, co-founder and CEO at, has more than 15 years of experience working at tech companies. She never had a mentor to help her navigate her way inside the organizations where she work

Whether to sell your company is always going to be a huge decision for founders

When we think of exiting via acquisition, it’s easy to think that if it’s a reasonable deal that it’s going to be an easy decision to say yes, but for three founders we spoke to at T

Learn what happens after you sell your startup at TC Sessions: SaaS on Wednesday

Seems like the goal of every startup is to exit via IPO, and if you can’t do that, by way of acquisition. In many cases, a sale gives a founder the opportunity to pay back investors and reward l