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Optimizing South Korean Technology For American Users

Navigating culture and business practices can be a trying task for any company going global. For tech companies, this often can mean coping with varying degrees of Internet connections from different

How App Design Can Hurt App Development

Mobile apps have become so ubiquitous that it’s easy for most people in tech to assume that creating them is a simple, straightforward process. Look behind the curtain of their development, however,

“App Mention Alerts” Is A Google Alerts-Like Tool For Mobile App Developers

App developers wanting to keep an eye on their app's download growth, chart position, revenues, user engagement patterns, and more have a number of tools at their disposal, like those from App Annie,

iOS Still First Priority For Mobile Developers In North America & Europe, Ahead Of Android — Forrester

iOS remains the first priority platform for mobile developers to support, still several steps ahead of smartphone market leader Android. This is according to a new report from research company Forrest

UTest Acquires Apphance In 7-Figure Deal As Mobile Developer Tools Consolidate

Some consolidation in the area of companies that offer tools to mobile developers, specifically in the area of quality testing -- a must-have for developers working in the highly fragmented world of s

Incentivized Installs Not All Bad, Says New Study…But Consider The Source

Mobile users acquired through "incentivized" installs can be valuable, according to a new study, if managed properly. The term refers to users who download a mobile application in exchange for somethi

T-Mobile planning an open app store?

Word on the street it that T-Mobile USA is planning a more ‘open’ approach to applications; the carrier is said to be working on something similar to Apple’s app store for the iPhone, but for ha