Misfit updates its Vapor smartwatch with standalone GPS and a smaller size

Announced last year at CES, the original Vapor found Misfit finally going full smartwatch. The Fossil-owned wearable company announced this morning that it’s going back to the well, with the simply

Misfit’s new hybrid smartwatch offers a better notification system

Hybrid smartwatches are a weird category right now. No one’s really mastered the perfect balance between the smart and dumb, though a handful of products have done a decent job, most notably Withing

At under $60, Misfit’s Flare trims all the fat and many of the features from fitness tracking

Misfit’s new fitness tracker comes in at less than $60. The Flare is a device completely devoid of all bells and whistles for the sake of offering users simple tracking functionality without losing

Misfit goes full-on smartwatch with the Vapor

Misfit seemed destined to get here, soon or later. Between getting swallowed up by Fossil and the recent introduction of the Phase hybrid watch, the company has been spending the last couple of years

Misfit shoots for simple with the Phase hybrid smartwatch

I’ve been mostly enjoying my time with the Phase, thus far. It might be all the time I spent with the Gear S3 of late, but it feels good having a relatively reasonably sized watch on again. Somethin

A rolling, connected tape measure

If you’re designing a piece of hardware to help design hardware, it certainly helps to have a few prominent projects under your belt. The team behind InstruMMents is responsible for a few, including

Misfit’s next wearable is a hybrid smartwatch

It’s a bit of synergy that was only a matter of time. Late last year, Fossil Group purchased Misfit for a cool $260 million. And now, just under a year later, the wearable startup, best known for it

VCs are betting on the great Chinese fitness boom

As the Chinese economy has boomed in the last decade, millions of people have entered the middle class. And the Chinese aren’t just getting wealthier, they’re getting fitter. China, it seems, is i

Misfit introduces a new Speedo-branded swim tracker

Misfit is back with another swim-focused fitness device, the Speedo Shine 2, which combines all of the hardware capabilities of the Shine 2, which the Speedo-branding and swim tracking of its predeces

Fitbit Plummets 16% In After-Hours Trading

Fitness gadget-maker Fitbit tumbled 16% in after-hours trading, with investors disappointed by the company’s guidance for the current quarter. Fitbit is forecasting $420 million to $440 million in r

Misfit Debuts Spector, “Smart” Headphones That Double As A Fitness Tracker

Wearables maker Misfit, now owned by Fossil, is following up on yesterday’s news of Ray, a slimmer alternative to its flagship fitness tracker the Misfit Shine, with the launch of its first set

Misfit Ray Is A New, Slimmer Fitness Tracker That Looks More Like A Bracelet Than A Watch

With its first major product release since its acquisition by watchmaker Fossil Group in November, Misfit today debuted its latest entry in its line of fashion-forward fitness trackers with the launch

A Quick Tour Of Wearables In 2015

Wearables had a varied year in 2015, with a lot of hype and a few big winners streaking ahead of the field, leaving plenty of also-rans struggling to stand out. It's fair to say that the entire catego

Fossil Group Buys Health-Tracking Wearable Startup Misfit For $260M

Watchmaker Fossil Group said today it would acquire Misfit, which creates various wearable and sleep trackers in addition to a health-tracking platform, for $260 million. Sonny Vu, CEO of Misfit, will

Misfit Debuts The Shine 2, A Bigger, More Powerful Version Of Its Flagship Activity & Sleep Tracker

Over two years ago, Misfit launched an activity monitor called “Shine,” which was among the first breakout successes in the wearable space, offering an attractive alternative to competit

Misfit Debuts The Flash Link, A $20 Activity Tracker That Also Controls Apps And Smart Home Devices

For a company like Misfit, which got its start as the maker of an attractive health and fitness monitoring device that women would actually like to wear, it may no longer be enough to be just another

Misfit Debuts An Online Dashboard For Tracking Health And Fitness Activity Across Devices

Misfit has long since expanded its product line beyond its original Shine fitness tracker and now offers a range of devices from the more affordable “Flash” to the pricier Swarovski Shin

The 22 Best Apple Watch Health And Fitness Apps

The Apple Watch, Apple’s first step into the world of wearables, starts shipping to consumers today. The Watch marks an interesting time in the wearable fitness space, in particular. Health and

Indiegogo Leads Investors To Hardware Gold

The venture world is hunting for the next batch of billion dollar unicorns in the hardware market, and investors are turning to the crowd to source their deals. VCs have already committed $516 millio

Misfit Debuts “Bolt,” A $50 Smart Bulb That Works With Sleep Monitoring Devices

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement of a new collection of Swarovski-encrusted Shine wearable devices, connected products maker Misfit today unveiled a wirelessly-connected, color-changing
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