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  • Did You Get A Magic Mouse This Holiday? Download MagicPrefs Immediately.

    Back in November, I wrote up a review of the new Magic Mouse, noting that it was “Apple’s best mouse ever, but…” Essentially, the problem is a software one. Apple gave its new mouse multi-touch capabilities, but only takes advantage of a fraction of what it can do. (And yes, it’s fully multi-touch capable.) A new third-party program called MagicPrefs, enables all… Read More

  • Magic Mouse Is Apple's Best Mouse Ever, But…

    After much trial and tribulation, I finally obtained Apple’s new Magic Mouse last week. Following its release, the $70 device was so popular that practically every store in the Bay Area was sold out of them for much of last week even though most were getting new shipments every morning. Supplies remain tight online where Apple is showing a 5 to 7 day waiting period and Amazon is showing a… Read More

  • Apple's Mighty Mouse Never Lived Up To Its Name. And Now It Can't.

    It seems pretty clear at this point that Apple is getting ready to release a new mouse, probably with some kind of multi-touch capabilities, that is probably attached to some new iMacs. No one is happier about that than me, as I hate the current Mighty Mouse. But it looks like Apple may not have a chance to create a device that lives up to that name this time around, as someone else has won… Read More

  • Mighty Mouse 2: Apple planning to upgrade its ill-fated mouse?

    I wanted to like the Mighty Mouse, Apple’s no-button mouse with tiny little ball on top. I was totally ready to make it my mouse of choice for years to come. We’d grow old together. We’d have children. Sadly, the Mighty Mouse was a mess. The ball got crudded up fairly easily and it stopped tracking and ended up in the big pile of junk in my office. But that’s about… Read More