Mighty Mouse 2: Apple planning to upgrade its ill-fated mouse?

I wanted to like the Mighty Mouse, Apple’s no-button mouse with tiny little ball on top. I was totally ready to make it my mouse of choice for years to come. We’d grow old together. We’d have children.

Sadly, the Mighty Mouse was a mess. The ball got crudded up fairly easily and it stopped tracking and ended up in the big pile of junk in my office.

But that’s about to change.

It seems Apple is trying to remedy my broken heart by creating a new version of the mouse and applying some sort of multi-touch to the mouse, perhaps with a touch-sensitive housing like the Philips Tapster.

Interestingly, the mouse is currently on back-order and they’re not shipping new models, which could mean that the new MM will be hitting stores sooner than later.

A new Mighty Mouse with metal highlights and a touch sensitive face would be in line with Apple’s current trend towards buttonless interfaces. A smooth, polished rock of a mouse would definitely go well with a nice, fresh iMac and gimmicky mice have always been Apple’s forte. I, for one, will love and live with my Logitech MX Revolution until old age and/or death. At least until the next MX model comes out.

Update: Well, well. A new Apple keyboard and mouse just turned up on the FCC’s site. New iMacs, anyone?