Three Startups Defending Democracy In America: Votizen, Memeorandum, and NationBuilder

The USA was founded by entrepreneurs who said "England has become bloated with bureaucracy. Let's disrupt it by starting our own agile, more innovative nation." But on the country's 236th birthday, we

TechMeme Invents New Kind of Advertisment

TechMeme (formerly tech.memeorandum) is a site that bloggers and others check frequently for news. It is an entirely automated web service that looks at what bloggers are talking about, and linking to

Memeorandum Does Baseball

Tracking Major League Baseball coverage this year will be a little bit easier than before – Gabe Rivera is launching a Memeorandum site called BallBug today. BallBug offers a news summary, updat

WeSmirch Automatically Digs Dirt

WeSmirch is a new celebrity gossip and news portal powered by Memeorandum. The technology behind Memeorandum will find the most popular stories from blog posts or news sites and cluster them together

Memeorandum (finally) gets a new look

Gabe Rivera, the founder of Memeorandum, announces a slightly new look for his cult favorite site. Since the September launches, I’ve heard a lot of reactions to the user interface, and the resu

The Memeorandum Hunters

I’ve written about two new real-time news aggregators today, Megite and Newroo. The space is clearly hot, with both funded and unfunded companies rushing to release products. The goal? Leverage

Is Megite a Contender?

Megite has been getting some attention on the Web 2.0 Workgroup email list as possibly the first company to be able to group blogging conversations as well as Memeorandum (profiles). The site is very

Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

There have been numerous 2005 “best of” and 2006 “predictions” posts over the last few weeks as the year comes to an end. I’m not going to write one of those. Giving out

Technorati Explore Smells Like Memeorandum

Whoa. Niall Kennedy nonchalantly wrote earlier today about Technorati’s version of Google Labs, called Technorati Kitchen. It’s where Technorati is putting it’s not-fully-baked beta

Newsvine to Enter Social News Ranks

Newsvine hasn’t launched yet, but the founder and CEO Mike Davidson has posted about what it will be once it does. Newsvine will be a collaborative, social news site. Like other sites, Newsvine

Blogniscient v. Memeorandum

Ben Ruedlinger’s Blogniscient relaunched today with a completely new look and feel. An old screenshot of the service is here. Blogniscient is a blog news organizer that, like Memeorandum, uses a

Memeorandum Hype and New Feature

Memeorandum continues to be our news site of choice, and it is starting to get real traction outside of the core blogosphere as well. Ryan Singel at Wired posted an in depth review of Gabe Rivera&#821

Memeorandum is Changing the Web

I’ve previously profiled Memeorandum, and there are no major announcements or feature releases to spur this new post. However, something much more significant is happening because of Memeorandum

Memeorandum Is Exceptional

Company: Memeorandum Launched: September 2005 Location: Mountain View, CA I’ve been using Memeorandum for about a month (since Bar Camp in August). Gabe Rivera, the creator, gave me a private de