Memeorandum (finally) gets a new look

Gabe Rivera, the founder of Memeorandum, announces a slightly new look for his cult favorite site.

Since the September launches, I’ve heard a lot of reactions to the user interface, and the results have been mixed. The usability and functionality are generally appreciated, but the aesthetics are, just a bit too often, reviled.

“It’s hurting my eyes” goes the woeful refrain.

While I’m all about having the impact of memeorandum felt, I don’t really want to hurt your eyes.

So the redesign you see is aimed at just that. No major functional changes, just a general reduction in rate of eye injury.

I’m happy to see this update to the look and feel of the site. I’ve given Gabe my honest opinion many times that the previous design was hurting traffic – the first impression of many visitors was negative and they often fled the site before realizing how important Memeorandum is to the blogosphere.

I would personally have gone much further in the redesign, but its a good start and its certainly a cleaner layout.