Newsvine to Enter Social News Ranks

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Newsvine hasn’t launched yet, but the founder and CEO Mike Davidson has posted about what it will be once it does.

Newsvine will be a collaborative, social news site. Like other sites, Newsvine will show major news publications. However, readers can comment on news items, allowing for a discussion to ensue.

They are also adding tagging. Any user can bookmark a news piece (or any web page) with a tag such as “sports” or “Iraq” and it will become available at Newsvine under the URL[TAG]. If you are interested in seeing news on a given tag, you can of course go straight to that URL as well.

Newsvine will use a voting system, like Digg, to determine how relevant a given news item is. I think these user-determined ranking systems, like Digg and Memeorandum, are a great way to push good content to the top. I’m looking forward to seeing this live. (Via Steven Cohen and Om Malik).

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