Blogniscient v. Memeorandum

Ben Ruedlinger’s Blogniscient relaunched today with a completely new look and feel. An old screenshot of the service is here.

Blogniscient is a blog news organizer that, like Memeorandum, uses a propreitary algorithm for determining what’s hot in the blogosphere at any given time. Unlike Digg, which creates news items based on user bookmarking and subsequent voting to determine front page items, Blogniscient and Memeorandum are automated.

Another similarity: both have hard to remember, and difficult to spell, domain names. :-)

Memeorandum has two verticals currently: Politics and Tech. Blogniscient has five: politics, tech, sports, entertainment and business. Blogniscient also has an “all category”, and additional tabs for “top blogs” and “freshest stuff”.

Memeorandum does not rank blogs publicly. They include new content on the top right area of the site, and additional new content on the bottom left. Memeorandum also includes older content that has fallen from the main area, on the bottom right of the site.

Blogniscient just posts a link and summary of top articles. Memorandum goes two steps further – showing blogs that contribute to the discussion, as well as a permalink for the entire discussion group. For instance, Blogniscient’s new launch is the top story on Memeorandum right now, which you can see by clicking here, even after it’s fallen off as stale news.

Memeorandum appears more transparent in their ranking because you can actually see and link to blogs which have contributed to the discussion.

Memeorandum also can show news items from major publications like the New York Times, and press releases, as the main news items. Linking blogs are shown in the discussion area. I also find this to be a very useful feature.

Taking everything into consideration, I still believe that Memeorandum is a better service. I’ll use Blogniscient too, but Memeorandum has actually changed the way I approach the web – I spend more time on Memeorandum than any other website.