The Memeorandum Hunters

I’ve written about two new real-time news aggregators today, Megite and Newroo.

The space is clearly hot, with both funded and unfunded companies rushing to release products. The goal? Leverage all of the great edge blog content out there, figure out what’s hot at any given time by analyzing who’s linking to who (as well as other tools) and presenting that hot content to users.

It’s not easy to define this space. In general, I think the services that are focusing mostly on blog links are turning up the best stuff. Many of the services that Paul Montgomery listed in a post earlier this week don’t do this…they rely on user voting or other algorithms to determine relevance.

My list is below. These sites either use incoming links or story clusters (or both) to determine relevance, and show the linking/discussing blogs. I have written about many of these separately already. The others I will write about in the future if their features are or become interesting.

The List:

  1. Blogniscient
  2. Blogrunner
  3. Blogsnow
  4. Chuquet
  5. Megite
  6. Memeorandum
  7. Newroo (pre-launch)
  8. Tailrank
  9. Technorati Kitchen
  10. Tinfinger (pre-launch)
  12. TruthLaidBear

The best? Still Memeorandum, but I love the experiments being tried by other services.

And something else: these services are going to start getting acquired by the big guys, if only for the brilliance of the engineering work behind the engines.

Update: And for more on Memeorandum and this space, listen to yesterday’s Gillmor Gang, which had a guest appearance by Gabe.