Meebo Hits The Live Music Promotion Road

Web based instant messaging platform meebo has announced a new partnership with Live Nation and The Firm to promote “Family Values,” a series of live music events billed as “this sum

Snimmer – Test It If You Dare

Newly-launched Snimmer has a glimmer of a great idea, but don’t test it unless you are very careful and/or prepared to apologize to your instant messaging contacts all evening. I wasn’t. L

Meebo Rooms Partner Edition Launches With Big Names

Web based instant messaging provider Meebo has launched “Meebo Rooms, Partner Edition”, a more corporate friendly version of Meebo Rooms. Meebo Rooms launched in May and allows users to ch

Meebo Launches Meebo Rooms (oh, and Meebo now has ads)

Web based instant messaging provider Meebo will launch Meebo Rooms tonight. Like MeeboMe, which allows users to embed a widget on a website where visitors can chat with the publishers, this is a signi

SuperBowl Ads (Not Really) From Startups

Today’s the day – SuperBowl XLI. Hundreds of millions of people around the world will eat junk food, drink beer, and watch the best television advertising all year interrupted periodically

Meebo Announces $9 Million Series B Round

Meebo, a site where users can access all of their instant messaging applications in a single browser window, is announcing a $9 million Series B round of financing from Draper Fisher Jurvetson this ev

Meebo Launches MeeboMe

Palo Alto based Meebo is a Sequoia backed web chat company that allows users to access popular instant messaging services on a web page instead of using downloaded software. Our posts on Meebo are her

Netvibes adds Meebo IM

Netvibes, one of the leading ajax desktops online, announced today that they have added a module for Meebo, a cross-platform web IM system. Netvibes is a great way to make RSS visually appealing and u

Meebo Extension for Flock

A UK developer who goes by “Tones” has created a Flock-specific extension that puts Meebo, and therefore Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MSN IM, directly into a sidebar in the Flock browser (the ext

News Bits: Skype, Pandora and Meebo

There are a few product updates going out tonight or tomorrow morning involving Meebo, Pandora and Skype that are worth mentioning. Skype Adds Skypecasts Skype is releasing version 2.5 beta of its cli

Meebo: More Features, Continued Growth

Since launching last year, Meebo the web-based instant messaging application has had phenomenal growth and great user adoption. This week they have announced a new set of features and upgrades to thei

E-Messenger gets Ajax Religion

Amsterdam-based had the web chat market all to themselves before Meebo came along and stomped all over them, matching their traffic in four short months and raising venture capital fro

Meebo Confirms Sequoia Funding

Meebo confirmed the rumor that they have received funding from Sequoia Capital on their blog. Congratulations to everyone involved. No real details yet, but I’m hearing that the pre-money valuat

Meebo Funded by Sequoia?

I just got back from back-to-back (to back) holiday parties and the rumors are flying that Meebo, which I wrote about a couple of days ago noting their stellar growth, has closed funding from Sequoia

Meebo's Impressive Growth

Meebo (original profile) is clearly going to be raising venture capital and/or be acquired in the very near future. I spoke with Founder Seth Sternberg yesterday about site growth and he revealed some

Meebo – Instant Messaging with Ajax

Company: Meebo Launched: Today, September 14, 2005 (Public Alpha) Location: Palo Alto, CA Overview Meebo, an ajax-rich web-based instant messenger application, launched today. It’s elegant and u