(Founder Stories) Meebo’s Seth Sternberg On Hiring, Growth And Flying High.

Like many start-ups, Meebo has been on a recent hiring spree. In this episode of Founder Stories, CEO Seth Sternberg tells Chris Dixon, “for 12 weeks we had to hire a salesperson a week and if we didn’t we would have missed our revenue numbers later this year.”

But it’s not just new salespeople populating Meebo’s workstations. “We started this year at about 130 employees.  I think we are at 175 now, and so for us that is really fast growth” says Sternberg.

From CFO to engineer, Sternberg discusses how Meebo weeds out candidates by running them though, “the sim.” This is a simulation of Meebo’s real-world working environment.

In our “rapid fire” segment below, Sternberg tells Dixon some of his favorite products, what he would do if he ever left Meebo and discusses his thirst for hitting the road—and air.

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