• Orgoo Throws Hat into Video Chat Ring

    Orgoo, the long-anticipated, all-in-one, browser-based communications suite that presented at TechCrunch40 last fall, is releasing a new video chat service to the public today. This comes ahead of a general release of its email, IM, and SMS tools, which remain in private beta. Over the last seven months, Orgoo has been working on building a replacement to the Userplane video chat it has relied on. Read More

  • Yahoo Shelves Meebo Competitor myM

    Yahoo has killed off their web chat ambitions, we’ve heard. The six person team that was working on the unlaunched myM service are now working on the webmail product. (update: commenters have noted that the Yahoo web messenger product remains live). Chris Szeto, the director of product management for Yahoo Messenger, oversaw the project but has since moved on to join Sequoia-backed Meebo. Read More

  • eBuddy, The Meebo Of Europe, Raises €6.5 million

    eBuddy, a web chat application that actually was around long before the similar high-flying Silicon Valley startup Meebo, raised €6.5 million in a Series B round of funding today. The investment was led by Prime Technology Ventures. The company had previously raised €5 million. eBuddy and Meebo are roughly equivalent according to worldwide Comscore numbers (4.8 million unique visitors… Read More

  • Meebo Turns Chat Rooms Into A Web Service

    Today, Web-based IM and chat room provider Meebo is releasing full-fledged APIs for its Meebo Rooms that will allow Websites to embed chat functionality in an automated fashion. Currently, Meebo Rooms can be embedded on sites or blogs manually by pasting in the appropriate code, which has already led to a proliferation of such widgets. There are more than 200,000 Meebo Rooms, attracting… Read More

  • Meebo Widget Strategy Paying Off

    Web-based IM service Meebo is a text-book case of how to build a brand (and traffic) with widgets on other sites. As we’ve noted in the past, the bulk of Meebo’s traffic comes from Meebo Rooms and other widgets embedded on other sites, including Facebook. Some new comScore Widget Metrix numbers pan this theory out. In October 2007, the most recent period available, comScore… Read More

  • Definition Of A Successful PR Stunt

    Yesterday Meebo and SpeedDate teamed up with a number of bloggers to have a public speed dating session. The results speak for themselves – solid gold content. Somebody give the marketing team a big year end bonus. In my opinion, Wired’s Aaron Rowe stole the show. CrunchBase Information Meebo SpeedDate Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Meebo Brings Chat to Facebook Apps; Hits 20 Million Monthly Users

    Bringing more immediacy to Facebook apps from BuddyMedia, (fluff)Friends, RockYou, Slide, The Broth and the WaterCooler, Web-based instant messaging startup Meebo is now letting Facebook developers add chat to their apps through a new partner program. Basically, these are versions of Meebo Rooms inside Facebook that can be customized and skinned any way the app developer wants. They… Read More

  • PopSnap: Sarah Meyers' Live Online TV Show

    I first met Sarah Meyers when she crashed our 2006 party at August Capital. She was booted, but got enough video footage to make this video. This year she was back at the party, but as an invitee – see one of her videos here. Meyers now lives in New York, and has been working on a new live daily tech show. It hasn’t officially launched, but her first shows started streaming… Read More

  • Meebo's Got Game

    If you’re looking for a killer app on the Internet and are unwilling to get into pornography, gaming is your best bet. So when Meebo opened their platform last month to third party developers, it was clearly only a matter of time before they let game startups in. That time has come. Twenty games launched on the service last night, ranging from chess and checkers to Texas Hold ’em. Read More

  • Now Up To Six Simultaneous Users On TokBox Video Chat

    Sequoia backed Tokbox (they are actually working from Sequoia’s offices, just a couple of doors down from where YouTube was incubated), a video chat service that does not require any software downloads, is now allowing up to six simultaneous participants. Skype video, by contrast, only allows two participants, and it requires that all users be using the Skype software. For now TokBox is… Read More

  • Joost To Have Chat Via Meebo

    New online video startup Joost may have been somewhat overshadowed by Hulu news the last month or so, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared entirely. Tonight they’ve announced a very cool new feature to the service – instant messaging, via Meebo. Integration for now is via Joost widgets. Over time the feature will likely transitioned into a more direct… Read More

  • Meebo Platform Launches With Big San Francisco Party

    After speculation from last week, Sequoia backed Meebo launches Meebo Platform this evening, allowing third party developers to create applications for the Meebo web chat service. They’re celebrating the launch with a big party in San Francisco with hundreds of the company’s closest friends. Like Facebook Platform and the recently announced MySpace Platform it consists of a set of… Read More

  • Meebo Has Ads

    Two years after launching (in my living room at a TechCrunch event), web chat startup Meebo has begun to monetize their service. Normal ad units don’t work on Meebo. While users stay on most sites for just a minute or two before leaving or creating a new page view by clicking on an internal link, the average user session at Meebo is 2.5 hours without any page refreshes. And 20% of Meebo… Read More

  • Meebo Adds IM to Firefox

    Meebo, the Web-based instant-messaging application, now has an add-on for the Firefox Web browser. If you use Firefox, you can now IM all your friends from a side-pane, and drag links to anyone on your buddy list. When you get a new IM, you get a visual notification (such as a blinking tab or a pop-up toast). Meebo is a completely Web-based IM service, unlike Skype or AIM or Yahoo… Read More

  • Flick.IM's Back With IM As A Platform

    The guys who spent a lazy weekend writing a free iPhone IM client that currently has 30,000 users, Flick.IM, are back with a web chat client for AIM, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber. I know, another multi-service chat client – *sigh*. There’s already Meebo, eBuddy, KoolIM, and a host of other services integrating existing chat services. However, Flick.IM has a rather… Read More

  • Meebo Adds File Sharing To Webchat

    Web chat startup Meebo, still basking in the glow of bringing instant messaging to the iPhone, is releasing a much requested new feature tonight: file sharing. There are dozens of web based file sharing applications, such as YouSendIt and DropSend (we reviewed four P2P solutions here), but users often want to simply send a file to a friend while chatting with them. This is easy with desktop… Read More

  • eBuddy Adds MySpace Instant Messaging

    European web chat startup eBuddy, which is in a fight-to-the-death struggle with Silicon Valley based Meebo, just added support for MySpace instant messaging tor their product. eBuddy now supports MySpace IM, AOL, ICQ, GoogleTalk, MSN and Yahoo. Log in to some of all of these services from the eBuddy home page. MySpace says they now have over 18.5 million users of the service, which soft… Read More

  • Meebo Unveils New iPhone Client

    Just got a heads up from the Meebo people that they’re now offer a new client for people using iPhones. Meebo is fantastic as a web-IM client and now this will blow anything else out of the water. Though I have yet to personally test it, I hear it’s pretty lightweight and quick. You can login with your Meebo account and start chatting it up right away, ’cause this baby is out… Read More

  • Most Useful iPhone Site Yet: Meebo

    Facebook may have the best looking iPhone site to date, but Meebo for the iPhone is more useful, as it brings instant messaging, finally, to that phone. ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Jabber/Google are supported. Meebo took its time building the site, which is actually their first mobile application. There is no special URL, just go to from an iPhone and the browser will load the… Read More

  • Mundu Has A Great iPhone Chat Application. Why Will They Charge For It?

    One of the bigger letdowns of the iPhone is a lack of instant messaging support. Last month we took a look at FlickIM one of the first iPhone-specific chat applications (but only for AIM). Older web chat startups Meebo and eBuddy also have their own applications. eBuddy’s is iPhone customized. Meebo doesn’t hide the fact that they will launch one soon. Today, Mundu, an Indian web… Read More