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  • Japan gets the iriver P20 portable media player

    iriver yesterday announced Japan will get their P20 [JP], a new PMP, on February 27. The problem: Only 200 Japanese buyers will be able to lay their hands on the player and iriver didn’t say anything about a possible release outside Nippon. The Korean company first showcased the device last summer during the IFA 2008 exhibition in Berlin. It features 80GB of storage, a 4.1-AMOLED… Read More

  • HDD Media Player 2: Thanko releases non-crappy gadget

    Thanko, one of Crunchgear’s favorite crapgadget makers, seems to be able to produce useful electronics, too. At least their new Media Player [JP] looks a lot more sensible than the USB boob warmer, the USB gloves or the USB lunch box warmer. Read More

  • Review: Logitech Squeezebox Boom

    Quick Version: The Logitech Squeezebox Boom is a free-standing network device that can be used to play your complete music library. The setup is surprisingly easy, even if you are connecting it to a wireless network that uses 128-bit encryption. When it comes time to enter your key, simply turn the wheel and click it to enter the digit. My network was found immediately, and Squeezebox… Read More

  • Thanko finally releases a non-crappy gadget, the "video glass media player"

    Wonders never cease: Thanko, our favorite Japanese crap vendor, now actually offers something useful for a change. Their so-called “video glass media player”, essentially sun glasses that can be used to watch movies, view pictures and listen to music, have been on sale since last week. Read More

  • Images of the BlackBerry Thunder media player surface

    I can’t say that this excites me very much and I doubt it will excite any of you, but BBSync has some exclusive images of the Thunder’s (9500) music player. Apparently the Thunder’s music player will be carrier specific (BOO!) with the ability to purchase songs on the fly. We know the Bold will ship with Media Sync and it makes me wonder why the Thunder won’t have it. Read More

  • New solar-powered portable media player

    Today, Japanese maker Thanko started selling its newest product, a portable media player powered by a small solar panel. The so-called “Solar MP4 Player” is Nippon-only and costs $95. It supports MP3/WMA/WAV audio and AVI/RM/MPG/VOB/DAT/RMVB video files. Additionally, the player can serve as a voice recorder, an FM radio and it also displays JPEGs. Several games are preinstalled… Read More

  • Toshiba Gigabeat T400 Rolls Out

    Toshiba has pushed out its first flash-based portable digital media player into the wild with H2C audio enhancement technology, support for WMA Lossless files that are put through a 1-bit digital ampliflier and DCTSC filters. The T400 rocks 4GB of storage for your MP3, WMA, WAV, WMV and the aforementioned WMA Lossless and it comes in pink, blue and orange set on a contrasting black finish. Read More