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  • Plex adds personalized, streaming news to its media player software

    Plex adds personalized, streaming news to its media player software

    Media player software maker Plex is today making good on its acquisition of streaming news startup Watchup from earlier this year with the integration of a dedicated news hub within its app. The feature delivers a way to browse and discover news from publishers worldwide, and introduces a personalized newscast that adapts to your interests based on what programming you watch and skip, among… Read More

  • Plex’s hardware-free media server, Plex Cloud, opens to all

    Plex’s hardware-free media server, Plex Cloud, opens to all

    After a couple of stops and starts — and some concerns — media player software maker Plex is opening its online service known as Plex Cloud to all paying Plex users. The service, which was first introduced into private beta in September, eliminates the need for an always-on PC or other network-attached piece of hardware in order to use the Plex media player software for… Read More

  • Plex partners with Amazon to launch a hardware-free media server, Plex Cloud

    Plex partners with Amazon to launch a hardware-free media server, Plex Cloud

    You no longer need an always-on PC or any other network-attached hardware in order to use Plex’s media player. The popular service, which allows you to watch TV and movies from your own collection, including those you’ve recorded via an attached digital antenna, is making itself more accessible to mainstream users via a new online option, called Plex Cloud. Instead of installing… Read More

  • Apple Adds A New iPod Touch With 16GB Of Storage And No Rear Camera For $229

    Apple Adds A New iPod Touch With 16GB Of Storage And No Rear Camera For $229

    Apple today dropped a mid-cycle refresh of the iPod touch, its iOS-based iPod, with 16GB of storage on board and without a rear camera, for $229. This slots in its existing lineup between the refreshed, fifth-generation iPod touch, which has a rear camera (and a loop for attaching a wristband), and the iPod nano. Read More

  • Apple Releases iTunes 11, A Major Redesign That Focuses On The Media And Quiets The Noise

    Apple Releases iTunes 11, A Major Redesign That Focuses On The Media And Quiets The Noise

    Apple’s iTunes 11 officially launched to the public today, after an unveiling in September at the iPhone 5 special announcement event. Originally planned for an October release, iTunes 11 required a little more time in the oven to bake. But it’s understandable that this release took a little longer than expected: it’s a significant change, one of the biggest since the… Read More

  • Review: Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Media Player

    The Sony SMP-N100 is Sony’s addition to the media streaming device market. It’s a small, unobtrusive device that doesn’t attract any attention to itself. It supports Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video On Demand, and a whole host of other streaming media services. In pretty typical Sony fashion, the device performs its primary tasks admirably well, but everything else falls a… Read More

  • WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player plays just about everything

    Not to be outdone, Western Digital just released the Live Plus HD Media Player with Netflix streaming. The $149 box will stream just about anything to any TV and includes a direct storage access system, allowing you to stream video right off of a hard drive. The device outputs 1080p video over HDMI 1.3. It also streams over Wi-Fi. Product Page Read More

  • Archos 2010 lineup leaks (in Europe)

    So the latest from Archos leaked recently at CeBIT 2010, the European electronics show. The 2010 Vision line showcases Archos returning to their roots with a series of new audio players designed for the lower end of the price range. Read More

  • JVC's HD media player box supports SD cards only

    No DVD, no Blu-ray and no HDD: JVC Japan is keeping it extra-simple with the CU-VS100, a media player box that supports nothing but SD cards. Announced [JP] yesterday for the Japanese market, the device is targeted at people who just want to conveniently view HD content stored on SD/SDHC on their TV. Read More

  • Cydle media player coming to America

    Cydle is launching their new in-car multimedia system at CES this January. Previously only available in South Korea, the Cydle P29 is a portable multimedia player with HD radio and subscription-free Mobile DTV. Read More

  • AV Bank Dodeka: Thanko's pretty decent looking 7-inch media player

    Tokyo-based crap USB gadget vendor Thanko does roll out devices from time to time that are not that crappy. And their so-called AV Bank Dodeka [JP], a media player that boasts a 7-inch screen (iPhone: 3.5 inches), seems to be one of those. It’s a major upgrade to the AV Bank Thanko started selling just last month. The Dodeka’s LTPS screen has a 800×480 resolution and can double as… Read More

  • ZEN MX: Japan gets a new and expensive Creative media player

    Creative Japan today announced the ZEN MX [JP], a portable media player that will be available in Nippon starting at the beginning of next month. The company plans to offer an 8GB (ZN-ZMX8G-BK) and 16GB (ZN-ZMX16G-BK) model, both featuring a 2.5-inch LCD screen with 320×240 resolution. Read More

  • Japan gets the iriver P20 portable media player

    iriver yesterday announced Japan will get their P20 [JP], a new PMP, on February 27. The problem: Only 200 Japanese buyers will be able to lay their hands on the player and iriver didn’t say anything about a possible release outside Nippon. The Korean company first showcased the device last summer during the IFA 2008 exhibition in Berlin. It features 80GB of storage, a 4.1-AMOLED… Read More

  • HDD Media Player 2: Thanko releases non-crappy gadget

    Thanko, one of Crunchgear’s favorite crapgadget makers, seems to be able to produce useful electronics, too. At least their new Media Player [JP] looks a lot more sensible than the USB boob warmer, the USB gloves or the USB lunch box warmer. Read More

  • Review: Logitech Squeezebox Boom

    Quick Version: The Logitech Squeezebox Boom is a free-standing network device that can be used to play your complete music library. The setup is surprisingly easy, even if you are connecting it to a wireless network that uses 128-bit encryption. When it comes time to enter your key, simply turn the wheel and click it to enter the digit. My network was found immediately, and Squeezebox… Read More

  • Thanko finally releases a non-crappy gadget, the "video glass media player"

    Wonders never cease: Thanko, our favorite Japanese crap vendor, now actually offers something useful for a change. Their so-called “video glass media player”, essentially sun glasses that can be used to watch movies, view pictures and listen to music, have been on sale since last week. Read More

  • Images of the BlackBerry Thunder media player surface

    I can’t say that this excites me very much and I doubt it will excite any of you, but BBSync has some exclusive images of the Thunder’s (9500) music player. Apparently the Thunder’s music player will be carrier specific (BOO!) with the ability to purchase songs on the fly. We know the Bold will ship with Media Sync and it makes me wonder why the Thunder won’t have it. Read More

  • New solar-powered portable media player

    Today, Japanese maker Thanko started selling its newest product, a portable media player powered by a small solar panel. The so-called “Solar MP4 Player” is Nippon-only and costs $95. It supports MP3/WMA/WAV audio and AVI/RM/MPG/VOB/DAT/RMVB video files. Additionally, the player can serve as a voice recorder, an FM radio and it also displays JPEGs. Several games are preinstalled… Read More

  • Toshiba Gigabeat T400 Rolls Out

    Toshiba has pushed out its first flash-based portable digital media player into the wild with H2C audio enhancement technology, support for WMA Lossless files that are put through a 1-bit digital ampliflier and DCTSC filters. The T400 rocks 4GB of storage for your MP3, WMA, WAV, WMV and the aforementioned WMA Lossless and it comes in pink, blue and orange set on a contrasting black finish. Read More