Matthew Johnson-Roberson

Robotics Q&A: CMU’s Matthew Johnson-Roberson

[A version of this Q&A first appeared in TechCrunch’s weekly robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.] Over the next few weeks, TechCrunch will be running a series of Q&As with som

Are universities doing enough to foster robotics startups?

A few years ago, I got in the habit of asking researchers the titular question: Are universities doing enough to foster robotics startups? To a one, the answer was invariably, “no.” It was a massi

CMU’s Matt Johnson-Roberson and MIT’s Daniela Rus will talk higher education at TC Sessions: Robotics 2022

Robotics technology, currently a $45.5 billion global market, has had an enormous impact on countless industries, including agtech, automotive, healthcare, labor, warehousing and logistics. Thanks to

CMU’s new Robotics Institute director on the future of robot research

After two years serving in an interim capacity, Professor Srinivasa Narasimhan will be stepping aside as Carnegie Mellon welcomes the sixth director of its Robotics Institute. A graduate of CMU’s Sc