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For startups, ‘we haven’t spent a penny on marketing’ isn’t always a good thing

Being scrappy and frugal are great qualities to have as a startup, but your investors will want to see that you know how to scale rapidly when necessary.

7:00 am PST • February 10, 2023
For startups, ‘we haven’t spent a penny on marketing’ isn’t always a good thing

Sesame Labs raised a $4.5 million seed round to help improve the web3 marketing experience with their platform

Sesame Labs raises $4.5M to help improve web3 marketing tools

Breef, a platform that allows brands to manage and service marketing agency projects, today announced that it raised $16 million in a Series A round (an undisclosed portion of which…

Breef raises $16M to match brands with marketing agencies

Several years ago, co-founders Leena Joshi, Ben Cheung and Erik Buchanan experienced frustration with the amount of manual work they were putting into collecting information about sales and marketing accounts.…

CloseFactor raises $15.2M to automate repetitive sales processes

Teams dedicated to boosting customer acquisition, retention and sales don’t necessarily have the time or tools to use data insights effectively. In a 2019 survey, NewVantage partners found that the…

Coho AI, which uses AI to help B2B SaaS companies boost revenue, raises $8.5M

Good content today also includes video. A video SEO strategy is no longer optional to driving growth — it’s absolutely necessary.

How to implement a video SEO strategy

How do you take one-and-done shoppers and turn them into loyal brand advocates? The answer lies within the treasure trove of commerce data that you collect.

4 ways to use e-commerce data to optimize LTV pre- and post-holiday

Sponsorships are a multibillion-dollar industry. But data on sponsorships, like who’s sponsoring who, can be tough to come by because of the various forms they take — and channels on…

SponsorUnited secures $35M investment to build out its database of brand sponsorships

The digital ads market is robust, with Statista predicting that worldwide spend will reach nearly $900 billion by 2026. But fake and fraudulent ad traffic remains a major problem in…

Lunio raises $15M to combat click fraud with algorithms, a startup using OpenAI’s GPT-3 text-generating system to create sales and marketing content for brands, today announced that it raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Scale…

Regie secures $10M to generate marketing copy using AI

As tools like Salesforce grow in usage, a crop of new startups is emerging to make integrating the tools into existing processes easier.

Startups are building businesses out of DevOps tools for existing sales platforms

Swiftly’s technology taps into that online shopping experience to make shopping at a brick-and-mortar store just as engaging and easy.

Retail tech startup Swiftly valued at $1B after bagging another $100M

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Stop spending so much time on your product when pitching to investors

It’s natural for founders to live and breathe for their customers and product, but the dirty little secret of fundraising is that your investors are extraordinarily unlikely to care about your product

8:00 am PDT • September 18, 2022
Stop spending so much time on your product when pitching to investors

The company combines delivery of clothing and accessories in waste-free, reusable packaging with easier consignment.

Reusable packaging startup Olive creates new model to keep clothes out of landfills

Walmart is expanding its support for AI-powered virtual try-on technology that allows online shoppers to better visualize clothing on models that look like themselves in both appearance and body type.…

Walmart introduces virtual try-on tech which uses customers’ own photos to model the clothing

E-commerce customers record a 30-second video once and Maverick’s technology uses the voice samples to generate thousands of videos that are personalized to each customer.

Maverick leverages deepfakes for real e-commerce connection

In 2013, Nico Jaspers, who previously founded market research firm Dalia Research, began noticing a shift in consumer behavior: More people were easily reachable via their smartphones. He realized that…

Latana secures cash injection to grow its mobile platform for product research

Getting prospective customers to answer sales calls and texts can feel like a Sisyphean task. According to a 2020 LinkedIn report, roughly 69% of prospects accepted a call from a…

Regal secures capital to grow its platform for branded calls and texts

A new report examing the impact of Apple’s privacy feature, App Tracking Transparency, indicates Apple’s ads business appears to have financially benefitted as a result of the feature’s launch. Now…

One year later, Apple’s privacy changes helped boost its own ads business, report finds

In-session marketing, a form of inbound marketing that attempts to analyze and influence web and app users’ purchasing decisions, is often challenging to implement. With so much competing for consumers’…

ZineOne raises cash to help e-commerce companies predict customer behavior

Reddit’s acquisition spree is continuing this morning with news that the company is bringing the audience contextualization company Spiketrap’s technology in-house. Deal terms were not disclosed, but Reddit says Spiketrap’s…

Reddit acquires contextualization company Spiketrap to boost its ads business

OneSignal, a platform that powers notifications for mobile apps and more, today announced that it raised $50 million in a Series C round led by BAM Elevate with participation from…

OneSignal lands $50M to automatically optimize SMS, in-app and email campaigns

Falkon, a sales analytics platform that uses AI to attempt to show where successful product sales are occuring in an organization, today announced that it raised $16 million in a…

Falkon closes $16M round to automate sales workflows and analyses

Successful companies realize that customer success is a mindset that places the customer at the organization’s center.

Crafting an XaaS customer success strategy that drives growth

In a downturn, getting the timing and evolution of a GTM model right relative to the maturity of a business can make the business and getting it wrong can break…

6 ways to make sure your startup is using the right GTM model

There is a lot a company needs to do to succeed with a PLG strategy, and hiring product managers is not enough — neither can it be the first step.

To bring PLG to cybersecurity, let’s change our hiring habits

Launching a B2B product within a B2C company presents distinct challenges as you attempt to strike a balance between successfully establishing a new product and maintaining your original business.

Mastering the B2C2B game: 6 lessons to learn before you launch

You may have perfected the top of the funnel, but you very well could have missed the gaps in the bottom.

Why the ‘last click’ in e-commerce matters — and how to get it right

How do we create customer experiences that are equivalent to the TSA PreCheck to help us retain revenue?

4 ways founders can amplify revenue during hard times

Africa’s informal retailers supply most of the continent’s population with a broad range of consumer goods and generate over $1 trillion in sales annually. However, troubles with outward inefficiencies and…

Nigerian B2B e-commerce platform Omnibiz raises millions to gain and retain retail customers