Blueshift, a marketing automation startup, raises $40M in debt

Blueshift, a San Francisco–based startup that taps AI to help brands automate and personalize engagement across different marketing channels, has secured $40 million in debt financing from Runway Gr

Stensul draws on new capital to boost marketing creation features

Stensul added dozens of new features and functionalities. Most notable is Landing Page, which gives customers a no-code, drag-and-drop way to build integrated landing pages.

5 can’t-miss strategies to break through in a crowded market

The role of HR in enterprises is becoming more strategic. This means that selling effectively requires a less-aggressive approach.

Generative AI shouldn’t reduce your startup’s marketing headcount

Before making any staffing decisions, partner with your CMO to conduct focused and measurable trials of generative AI tools.

Connectly taps automation to nudge shoppers to complete purchases

Most consumers interact with e-commerce brands through social media, text and email. Brands reach out with promotions and discounts. But the engagement and read rates tend to be low; according to Gart

WorkMagic wants to automate all the marketing tasks for Shopify sellers

There’s no shortage of startups trying to automate marketing tasks by using generative AI. For WorkMagic, the target users are the millions of small-scale Shopify sellers who it believes can ben

Tofu automates content creation for massive omnichannel B2B marketing campaigns

Creating the many types of content needed for large-scale B2B campaigns often results in marketers juggling dozens of tools. This makes it difficult to ensure cohesive messaging across their emails, l

Aampe aims to personalize app marketing with algorithms

Aampe, a marketing automation platform for mobile apps, recently closed a $7.5 million funding round led by Matrix India and Peak XV, the company announced last week. Bringing Aampe’s total rais

Pixis, an AI-powered full-stack marketing platform, raises $85M

Pixis, an AI-powered platform for brands to monitor and orchestrate their marketing campaigns, today announced that it raised $85 million in a Series C1 round led by Touring Capital with participation

Rocketium scales and analyzes massive marketing campaigns

Large companies often have to produce marketing campaigns with thousands of pieces of individual content, including email and social media ads. This means creative teams have to execute ideas rapidly

Twilio Segment teams with Amazon SageMaker on new customer predictions product

The customer data platform provides a central place to collect first-party information about customers, but simply having a pile of data is not the point. Companies want to put it to work to improve c

Dipp uses AI to fix bottlenecks between marketing and design teams

Before founding dipp, Jennifer Chen and Mikhail Abramov spent 15 years working as art directors in New York City. During that time, Chen says they realized that the marketing, sales and design process

5 growth lessons we learned while scaling from $2M to $3M ARR

Hire experienced talent early, allocate 10% of revenue to marketing, and continue dividing team responsibilities as you scale.

Simon Data is putting customer data to work with $54M Series D

The customer data platform (CDP) has become a standard way to collect first-party customer data and put it to work. Simon Data, which was founded in 2015, has always had a vision of being more than pu

Catch+Release is building an AI-powered search engine to help brands license user-generated content

Companies seeking images or videos for their materials will typically commission a shoot, or scour stock media catalogs. Catch+Release, however, wants to help marketers license existing user-generated

Haus, which helps companies measure marketing ROI, raises $17M

Several years ago, Zach Epstein was leading marketing measurement initiatives at Google, helping large corporate customers to build out measurement infrastructure. After leaving the tech giant, Epstei

TechCrunch+ Roundup: Traction slide help, climate tech homework, Euro cannabis investor survey

A traction slide is your chance to show off and build investor confidence. But what if your startup doesn't have any wins to boast about?

TechCrunch+ Roundup: Generative AI marketing, European edtech report, falling fintech valuations

There’s a lot of performative behavior in startup land, such as foosball tables in reception areas and kitchens with kombucha taps.

TechCrunch+ Roundup: Firing yourself as CEO, board deck basics, venture debt explained

Feeling pretty confident about the marketing slides you’ve prepared for your upcoming board meeting? If so, you may be on the wrong track.

SpeedyBrand uses generative AI to create SEO-optimized content

While working at Vetan, a startup helping small- and medium-sized (SMBs) businesses manage employee payroll, Ranti Dev Sharma realized that SMBs often lack the tools to thrive online with organic sale
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