Inflow connects small fashion brands with manufacturers in Vietnam

Textiles and garments contribute 16% of Vietnam’s total GPD, but it’s challenging for small garment brands to take advantage of the country’s manufacturing prowess. Inflow is stepping into the g

CPG manufacturing platform Keychain raises $18 million

Keychain seeks to use artificial intelligence to help brands find their perfect manufacturing partners.

Phasio helps local manufacturers manage their customer relationships

For small- to medium-sized local manufacturers, cultivating their network of customers is key to scaling up. But maintaining customer relationships means a lot of tasks that quickly snowball: generati

Machina Labs raises $32M to bring flexibility to manufacturing

“Flexibility” isn’t a word one often applies to the manufacturing process. Changing things up on the assembly line is a resource-intensive activity, but automation and robotics could go a ways t

TeamSense helps manufacturers keep in touch with deskless workers

Deskless workers make up about 70% to 80% of the global workforce. Because they spend most of their time away from a computer, many deskless workers often find it challenging to keep in touch with the

SAEKI’s ‘microfactories’ help large manufacturing scale up

The architecture, engineering and construction industries involve giant concrete molds that are expensive, slow to manufacture and often only used a few times before being disposed. Robots-as-a-servic

Praktis lands $20M to help Indonesian D2C brands handle their supply chains

Small to medium-sized enterprises contribute 60% of Indonesia’s gross domestic product. But companies in the D2C space still struggle to compete against bigger brands. Praktis wants to put them on a

UniSieve’s filters use special crystals to reduce industrial emissions

The energy-intensive process of separating and purifying chemicals and gases is a big reason industries like plastic manufacturing cause so much pollution. UniSieve wants to reduce their carbon emissi

Ronbow nabs $10M to deliver custom cabinets in as short as 3 weeks

California-based startup, Ronbow, wants to shorten delivery times and reduce the costs of customized cabinets with its proprietary design and manufacturing software.

10 tips for de-risking hardware products

In the world of manufacturing, the question is: How can I make sure that I’m building the right thing for the right audience?

You can probably manufacture closer to home than you think

Let's take a closer look at how nonprofit FORGE helps founders manufacture on the other side of town instead of the other side of the world. 

AG5 throws a lifeline to a manufacturing industry drowning in spreadsheets

You’d think that an industry like manufacturing had its own software stack, but in a lot of cases, a huge amount of getting-things-made is managed through Excel spreadsheets. The thing is, sprea

Axion Ray brings intelligence to manufacturing to find issues before they cause trouble

Manufacturers face a dizzying array of potential problems around the products they produce, and it’s challenging to track down issues. This isn’t just nice to know. It’s crucial informat

Startups, here’s how you can make hardware without ruining the planet

If you can't make planet-friendly choices as the founder of a startup, when the buck literally stops with you, when can you?

Profet AI helps manufacturers build prediction models and industrial AI software

Profet AI, a Taiwanese startup that makes auto machine learning software for manufacturers, announced today it has raised $5.6 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Darwin Ventures. Return

Guidewheel lands $9M Series A-1 for SaaS that boosts manufacturing and trims carbon emissions

Startup connects existing factory equipment to the cloud, giving manufacturers a real-time view of their operations.

Robco links up with $14M led by Sequoia to bring modular robotics to industrial SMBs

After years of outsourcing and offshoring manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor and bigger production ecosystems, the U.S. and Europe are on a mission to bring some of that industrial work bac

Logistics and procurement on autopilot is the future Cofactr wants to live in

Cofactr is a logistics and supply chain tech company that provides scalable warehousing and procurement for electronics manufacturers. The company today announced it raised a $6 million round of seed

Smartex sews up $24.7M to put smarter eyes on textile manufacturing

A lot of things might spring to mind when you hear “fashion,” but taking care of the planet generally isn’t on that list. Smartex just raised a couple of bolts’ worth of cash,

Katana, an ERP for SMB manufacturers, raises $34M

Katana, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for small- and medium-sized manufacturers, has raised €35 million ($34 million) in a Series B round of funding. ERP is a form of business manag
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