Why gear rental marketplace Lumoid shut down

Lumoid, a tech gear rental startup is no longer in business and its founder Aarthi Ramamurthy is moving on to Facebook. The startup launched as just a “crazy idea,” when it came out of Y C

Lumoid Adds Headphones And Home Audio To Its Try-Before-You-Buy Experience

The thing about being a portable audiophile is that you have to put a lot of trust in online reviews. It’s hard to get the full experience testing out a pair of cans in Best Buy and often places

Lumoid Launches A Peer-To-Peer Marketplace For Short-Term Gadget Rentals

The introduction of Lumoid Locals should enable the company to expand its potential inventory while also allowing its users to make their gear available to others. Launching in San Francisco to start,

Lumoid Wants To Rent You A Camera Now, And Everything Later

Aarthi Ramamurthy is standing outside of her building talking to her first paying customer, and she’s about to make a product decision. She’s shipped him a camera across country overnight on a

Y Combinator Summer 2013 Demo Day, Batch 3: Meet Senic, Buttercoin, Crowdery, Reebee And More

Third time's the charm. We're here (<a href="">yep</a>, <a href="