Twitter Found Love In A Fave-Less Place

It’s a function of Twitter’s largely unfiltered feed. It zips by so quickly that even great content can get lost. Your closest friends and sparring partners might easily miss your tweets. And unle

Twitter And Vine Choose Hearts Over Stars And Smileys

Twitter’s making changes and nothing is sacred. Today’s change, while not as dramatic as making tweets editable or more than 140 characters, is definitely something that you’ll notic

Twitter Is Testing A “Like” And “Star” Button In Lieu Of “Favorite.” Isn’t The Concept Of “Like” Already Broken?

I've never really been a fan of tapping a "Like" button on Facebook. Mostly because it doesn't always mean that I like something. I use that button as a way to say "hey I looked at this and it meant s

There’s A Fine Line Between Private And Public, And Facebook Might Have Just Crossed It

<a target="_blank" href="

Facebook’s Hidden “Like” Isn’t Just Good For Mobile Developers, It’s Good For Facebook

Last week's<a target="_blank" href=""> announcement from Facebook</a> about the new ability for app developers to integrate

Like+1 Turns Facebook Likes Into Google +1s

<img src="" />As what exactly the Google +1 Button does continues to <a href="

"Like": Japanese venture begins accepting orders for new electric car

<img src="" /> Japan's newest electric car isn't made by one of the nation's many major automakers, but sometimes it need

A Sad Day. Goodbye, Riya

<img src="" width="215" height="134" />Facial recognition service <a href="">Riya</a> will shut down on August 21's Perfect Timing: $32 Million Series C Round

<img alt="" />Silicon Valley based managed to raise a monster round of financing at just the right time: <a href="">$32 million</a> in Series C round of's Creepy, But Effective, Facebook Ads

Is a picture worth a thousand clicks? You’ve heard of contextual ads triggered by keywords on a Web page. Now, get ready for contextual ads triggered by images on the page. Visual-shopping searc

Chinese Photo Site Tuyuan May Do Facial Recognition. Or It May Just Put Boxes Around People's Heads

I can’t really say much about Tuyuan yet since it’s in Chinese and there isn’t much information (translated page here), but it certainly looks like they’re trying to tackle the

Image Recognition Problem Finally Solved: Let's Pay People To Tag Photos

Most people have thousands of digital photos sitting on their hard drive. And the vast majority of those photos aren’t tagged or searchable. Want to find the 300 pictures of your youngest son am

Fred Wilson – Hypocritical, Wrong and Conflicted

Fred Wilson lit a fire today suggesting that certain bloggers need to step it up a notch to improve quality and be more like mainstream journalists. A fair point if spoken generally, although I’

Hacks Make Their Way Into Yahoo Products

Yahoo Hack days are a lot of fun, and some pretty interesting stuff comes out of them. But a persistent question is whether or not they are much more than fun – and if any of these hacks ever ma

RockYou Integrates Image Search Into Slideshows

Last November, Munjal Shah made a fairly tough decision and did an about face on his startup, Riya. Instead of continuing to focus on Riya’s existing product – facial recognition and taggi

Riya's Is First True Visual Image Search

Silicon Valley startup Riya, currently a photo search company focusing on facial recognition, is making a significant strategic and product shift this morning. Riya will continue as is, but the compan