Like+1 Turns Facebook Likes Into Google +1s

As what exactly the Google +1 Button does continues to mystify some users, security researcher Ashkan Soltani and Brian Kennish, former Googler and the mind behind Facebook Disconnect, have decided to kill two buttons with one browser extension, creating  Like +1.

Unlike the +Like extension, which allowed you to Facebook Like Google search results, Like +1 turns all offsite Like Buttons into hybrid Like+1 Buttons, allowing you to consolidate some of your social button clicking behavior into one click, so you can simultaneously +1 something while you also Like it.

In addition to saving you the exertion of clicking two different buttons and letting you view your Facebook Liking behavior on your Google profile, the extension saves all your Like+1 activity locally. So if you ever want to export a Facebook independent record of your Liking, or +1ing you’re good.

Like +1, compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari courtesy of WebMynd, is great news for people who are suffering from button fatigue. Now you’ll only have to do 50% of the work and actually get to see the fruits of your labor in your Facebook feed.

“The web has too many buttons,” Kennish says. Yeah, just look at the top of this post.