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  • Hail A Fellow Human, Not A Taxi With “SideCar” – The New P2P Uber

    Hail A Fellow Human, Not A Taxi With “SideCar” – The New P2P Uber

    You need a ride, someone else has a car and could use the cash, SideCar is the app that will bring you together. New instant peer-to-peer rideshare-finding app SideCar turns anyone into a taxi / Uber driver, and it’s supposedly legal because you technically volunteer to pay at the end. Today it emerges from beta for iOS and Android in its first city, San Francisco. Punch in your location… Read More

  • Backed By Lerer And SV Angel, Newsle Launches To Let You Track News About Your Friends

    Backed By Lerer And SV Angel, Newsle Launches To Let You Track News About Your Friends

    If you want to see what your friends or contacts are up to, you can check out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram for a realtime feed. But what if you want to read news about your friends? That’s a little bit trickier, which is why Newsle was born. Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon created the site in early 2011 as a way to find out more about what their friends and people they met at… Read More

  • The Influx of Money and Entrepreneurs

    (Founder Stories) Ben Lerer On The Startup Gold Rush

    As Chris Dixon wraps his conversation with Thrillist co-founder and Lerer Ventures partner Ben Lerer, Lerer offers his assessment of the present day start-up environment. From his perspective it is a mixed bag. (Note: this was taped before the most recent financial meltdown) “Since we started investing, we’ve seen a lot more money enter the market . . . so it’s tougher… Read More

  • Ben Lerer Discusses Challenges

    (Founder Stories) How Thrillist’s Ben Lerer Got Thicker Skin And Grew Up

    In this episode of Founder Stories with host Chris Dixon, Thrillist co-founder Ben Lerer discusses the challenges of running a growing business (watch his first interview here). Lerer says of primary importance is keeping the team focused on turning readers into shoppers and shoppers into readers: “We are not just Thrillist … we have this other thing called JackThreads and this… Read More

  • Tapad Brings Ad Retargeting To Mobile, And $1.8 Million From Powerhouse Investors

    One of the best-performing technologies in online advertising right now is retargeting—everyone from Google to startups are making bank from it. That’s when you browse the Web and are shown an ad from a site you’ve visited in the past. The clickthroughs are much higher than a random display ad. Now, a New York City startup called Tapad is bringing retargeting to mobile… Read More

  • SV Angel Partners with Lerer Ventures to Cross Syndicate Valley/NYC Deals

    SV Angel Partners with Lerer Ventures to Cross Syndicate Valley/NYC Deals

    Yesterday, Mike broke the news on stage at Disrupt that SV Angel is doubling down with Yuri Milner once again to invest in all willing Y Combinator grads. Today, SV Angel is announcing another partnership, this time Ron Conway & crew are looking east. SV Angel and Lerer Ventures— which also announced a new fund yesterday– will announce today that the two are entering a… Read More

  • Lerer Ventures Raises Second $25M Seed Fund for NYC Startups

    Lerer Ventures Raises Second $25M Seed Fund for NYC Startups

    As we kickoff of our second annual TechCrunch Disrupt conference, we’re clearly not the only ones who think there’s a substantive ecosystem brewing here beneath all the hype and the froth; Lerer Ventures is announcing the closing of its second seed-stage venture fund today. The total is $25 million, mostly from friends, families and small family investment groups. The fund comes… Read More

  • Bluefin Labs Reveals How It Is Tying Social Media To TV

    On the Web, we have links, which makes all media trackable. But on TV there are no links. So how do you track the audience response to a TV show or an ad? It’s all guesswork, panels, and surveys pretty much. But Deb Roy thinks he has a better answer: treat social media as a realtime “focus group in the wild” and tie that commentary back to TV. He wants to infer links… Read More

  • 4Chan's Moot Joins Lerer Ventures As An Advisor

    Christopher Poole, aka Moot, the founder of 4chan and still stealthy Canvas Networks, is now a venture advisor. He just joined Lerer Ventures, the New York City seed fund started by Ken and Ben Lerer. While he is not a formal partner, he will have the ability to greenlight deals. Poole joins other Lerer Ventures advisors Eric Hippeau (CEO of the Huffington Post), and Jonah Peretti (CEO… Read More

  • BaubleBar Raises $1.1 Million From Accel, Founder Collective, And Lerer Ventures

    Today, jewelry flash-sale site BaubleBar officially launched. Previously known as Eight1six, BaubleBar offers fashion jewelry at deep discounts for limited periods of time. The company was founded by Daniella Yacobovsky and Amy Jain, two recent Harvard Business School grads who previously worked in investment banking. The New York City startup also raised $1.1 million in a series A… Read More