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Faced With Fierce Competition, Rhapsody Takes “Significant” Investment From Columbus Nova

Rhapsody International today announced that it would be taking a "significant", yet undisclosed, investment from Columbus Nova Technology Partners and Rhapsody president Jon Irwin will step down. More

Patch Lay-Offs To Start Today, 40% Of Jobs Reportedly Cut Adding Up To Roughly 400 Employees Let Go

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong held another conference call for Patch employees today, and after what was likely the worst week to be working at the hyper-local news venture following the previous all-hands ca

BlackBerry Lays Off 250 Employees From Its New Product Testing And R&D Department

Layoffs at Waterloo-based smartphone industry pioneer BlackBerry cut deep last year, with around 5,000 employees being let go. Those cuts continue into 2013 as BlackBerry undergoes what CEO Thorsten H

Breaking: RIM “Streamlining” Operations, Lays Off 2,000

In line with <a HREF="">RIM's</a> planned "cost optimization program," the company is moving a number of executives into positions of greater power and will lay off

Dell lays off 700, website now full of price mistakes

Put two and two together people, and get WTF. Dell is laying off 700 of its 4,500 employees by June 2010 and now, for some odd reason, the Dell website is featuring laser mice for $4,000 and a Xeon E3

IBM cutting 5,000 U.S. employees, sending jobs to India

<img src="">Populist outrage in 3...2...1. IBM is laying off 5,000 U.S. employees and "building its work force i

Apple lays off 50

So the rumors were correct. Apple laid off 50 folks in enterprise sales. The rumors that it was a major lay-off were untrue and anything larger than about 50 would have required them to file a Worker

Rumors abound re: Apple layoffs

Rumors are coming out of Apple that corporate sales folks will be laid off today. Considering there are very few corporate offerings in the Apple portfolio, it’s not surprising they’re clo

Tomy exits North American toy market (almost)

<img src="" /> Today is a sad day for gadget lovers. Japanese toy maker <a href="">Tomy</a> is pullin

Blue Monster guy laid-off at Microsoft

<img src="">The poor bastard who got a tattoo of the motivational "Blue Monster" <a href="

Palm cutting jobs, slashing a hole in our heart

Palm is laying off an undetermined number of its 1,050 workers this week in an effort to stem the effects of the economy and Palm’s decreasing smartphone market share. While it’s not a sho