Breaking: RIM “Streamlining” Operations, Lays Off 2,000

In line with RIM’s planned “cost optimization program,” the company is moving a number of executives into positions of greater power and will lay off 2,000 of its estimated 19,000 person workforce.

In an effort to consolidate product efforts, the company is also moving former COO of Product Engineering, Thorsten Heins, into a position that makes him also COO of Product and Sales. Current COO, Dan Morrison, is retiring after a period of medical leave.

All product engineering functions, including both hardware and software teams, are being consolidated under Thorsten’s direction. This consolidation of product engineering functions is expected to both produce greater efficiencies and help to accelerate new product introductions in the future.

Patrick Spence will take the role of Managing Director, Global Sales and Regional Marketing.

In slightly related news, the company has just purchased web-based video editing service JayCut. JayCut is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

What’s interesting about these moves? Well, each of the new directors have been tasked with turning around a sinking ship and it seems that, in the face of increased scrutiny, they’re throwing some smiling new faces at the problem. Sadly, the company is also dumping two thousand “redundant” faces, a move that points to more than just reactive cost-cutting.