Google Music Service: The Screenshots

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blueTunes: Music In The Cloud Comes To Your Desktop

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Imeem About To Expand iPhone Music Storage By Way Of The Cloud

<img src="" width="215" height="50" />Easily my favorite app on the Android platform is <a href="">Imeem</a>

Warner Music Says Imeem Is Worthless, And Owes It $4 Million Which It Can't Collect

<img src="" width="215" height="87" /> How bad are things getting for music streaming startups? We knew th

Digital Music Streaming Startup tunesBag Releases Desktop Application

<img src="" width="215" height="67" />I've been tracking the progress of Vienna, Austria-based music startup <a href="

Lala Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint, Still Rocks

<a href=""><img src="" width="169" height="112" /></a> Tonight <a href="

First Look: Lala's iPhone App Will Stream Your Music Library From The Cloud

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How Warner Music Killed Facebook Music

<img alt="" />Facebook's ongoing effort to launch a <a href="">free streaming music serv

MOG Has Created The Ultimate Streaming Music App; Too Bad It May Never Launch

<img alt="" /><a href="">MOG</a> demo'd the next version of their popular music service to me today, and I was impressed. It combines a best of breed interface with free on demand st

The Vultures Are Circling Project Playlist

<img alt="" />Music streaming service <a href="">Project Playlist</a> has 40 million users if you believe their home page, or around 10 million if you go by Comscore unique mont

LaLa, The Black Sheep Of Music Startups, Just May Have The Right Formula

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a><a href="">LaLa</a> doesn't get nearly as much atten

Lala May Have Just Built The Next Revolution In Digital Music

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> Call me a skeptic. When <a href="">Lala</a> came

The Record Industry's Digital Distribution Plan (TotalMusic) Comes Back From the Dead

The music industry’s attempts to create its own digital distribution business is like a bad horror movie. It just keeps coming back no matter how badly bludgeoned it gets. Back in 2001 in respon

Lala Launches On-demand Free Streaming Music Service

Just launched: LaLa is offering users the ability to listen to an unlimited amount of on-demand streaming music, for free, marking the first time this has been available legally. Their new tag line is

Free, Legal, On Demand Streaming Music? LaLa is Going to Give it a Shot

LaLa is making a very big bet on its business – it will offer users something they’ve never had (legally) before: free, legal, on demand streaming music. LaLa already runs a cd swapping se

Listen to Live Concerts on Lala, the $1 CD swap service, has added another feature to their music community site, live and recorded concert casts. The concert casts can only be listened through an embedded player on Lala .

Lala Leverages Internet Radio for CD Swapping, Sales

In a bizarre amalgamation of virtual and physical business, the dying independent terrestrial turned internet radio station WOXY is being revived by online CD swapping service Lala. Lala is tangible e

lalalalalala…Another Way to Steal Music

Palo Alto based lala made a splash by announcing their landing page on USA Today. Lala is a new service, set to launch this summer, that allows people to swap physical CDs. It looks to be exactly like