Google's New Music Search Will Be Getting A Boost From Your Favorite Bands

Last week Google launched the Music Onebox — a special new search result that lets users stream songs in their entirety for free. The feature is being powered through partnerships with MySpace and Lala, who are providing the song streams, with contributions from a host of other partners like Pandora and imeem. Millions of people will doubtless stumble across the new feature on their own as they run searches for their favorite bands, but Google also has a few tricks up its sleeve to get the word out. We’re hearing that a number of well known artists will soon be actively promoting the service, offering exclusive content to fans who Google them.

We’ve heard that artists will be offering songs that can only be found through Google search, some of which will be given away for free. Over 20 artists are involved. Beyond that details are still scant, but we hear that the new promotion will start running soon — perhaps later this week.