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Amazon Releases Jolly Candy Fire HDs In Tangerine And Blue Along With A Cheaper Fire

Amazon has announced a number of interesting improvements to their Fire HD and tablet line today, improvements that bump the processor speed and tweak the styling of the Fire HD 8- and 10.1-inch line

Amazon Drops Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Price From $299 To $269, Releases It In Europe And Japan

Amazon just announced that it would be dropping the price of the 8.9-inch version of its Kindle Fire HD. The tablet will now cost $269 for the Wi-Fi only version and $399 for the Wi-Fi and LTE version

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited Offers Restricted Access To Content For Kids From Disney, Nickelodeon, DC Comics, And More

Amazon today launched FreeTime Unlimited, a subscription service that offers movies, games, and books for the kids. The launch follows the recent <a href="

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ Shipping Today, On Best Buy Store Shelves Tomorrow

Amazon has just announced that the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch ships today, ahead of its previously planned schedule of a November 20 ship date. The larger-screened version of Amazon's Android-powered tab

Amazon Gets Feisty, Updates Homepage To Talk Smack On The iPad Mini

Competition in the low-cost tablet space has been heating up for a while now thanks to strong new hardware from the likes of Asus, Google, and Barnes & Noble, but it seems the time has come for th

Amazon Introduces Storefront Billboards To Help Select Kindle Fire, Fire HD Apps Stand Out

App discoverability is a constant thorn in the side of developers. It's also an obvious annoyance for consumers who have to spent time sifting through app store chaff to find the bits of software real

Fly Or Die: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The <a href="">Kindle Fire HD</a> is a big deal. <em>Big.</em> It has rather excellent specs — <a href="https://

The Kindle Fire HD Is Amazon’s Lean, Mean, Content-Selling Machine

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's digital strategy incarnate. When it launched a year ago, the Fire seemed almost rushed. It looked like RIM's failed Playbook tablet and it worked, at best, like the low cos

Amazon Doesn’t Want To Be More Like Apple, It Wants To Be More Like

With the introduction of <a href="">the $499 8.9-inch Kindle HD with LTE</a>, Amazon now has a device

Kindle Pre-Orders Now Live For Fire, Fire HD and Paperwhite

The all-new Amazon Kindles are all now available for pre-ordering from Amazon's website. The <a target="_blank" href="">Kindle Paperwhite retails f

Hands-On With The 7″ Kindle Fire HD: Excellent Display, Super Snappy, But New WiFi Is A Question Mark

Amazon just announced the Kindle Fire HD, and we heard all kinds of magical promises: a beautiful display, super duper fast WiFi, and a host of new features. On almost every count, Amazon delivered, a

Amazon Introduces 8.9-inch, 32GB, LTE Kindle Fire HD for $499

Amazon introduced one last Kindle Fire today, the HD version with LTE capability and 32GB of storage for $499. That's a much better deal than the competition is offering, at least in terms of straight