Amazon Introduces 8.9-inch, 32GB, LTE Kindle Fire HD for $499

Amazon introduced one last Kindle Fire today, the HD version with LTE capability and 32GB of storage for $499. That’s a much better deal than the competition is offering, at least in terms of straight hardware comparisons. People can pre-order that device today, and it ships Nov. 20th.

It also comes with a $49.99/year data plan that provides 250 MB of traffic, 20 GB of cloud storage and a $10 Amazon Appstore credit. It’s a really good value, and CEO Jeff Bezos noted that it runs $410 less than a comparable iPad with data.

This is a significant addition to the line up, and maybe the biggest announcement today, in terms of what effect it might have on the tablet market. So far, critics have said that Amazon’s efforts with tablets are no threat to Apple’s dominance, since they aren’t really competing in the same price ranges. Now that’s changed.

To recap, the other specs of the Fire HD include a 1920×1200 screen with 254ppi, less glare thanks to a laminated touch sensor, Dolby Digital Plus sound from two stereo speakers, two antennas to create more dependable Wi-Fi performance, and all the rest that’s included in the other Fire HDs in the lineup.