More long term greed… Tim O’Reilly’s recipe for a successful 2018

Silicon Valley's problem, says Tim O'Reilly, is actually a structural problem with our entire economy. What’s gone wrong, O’Reilly argues, is that what he calls “short-term greed” has repla

INNOVATE 2016: How the blockchain will clean up American politics

The fundamentally transparent nature of blockchain technology -- with its unalterable public ledger -- will force politicians to be more honest about themselves and their intentions. Blockchain, they

INNOVATE2016: The role of the FTC and federal regulators in Silicon Valley

The FTC is involved in regulatory issues fundamentally important to Silicon Valley -- especially data privacy and the “gig economy” of sharing services like Uber and Airbnb.

INNOVATE2016: Super pollster Frank Luntz talks about Silicon Valley’s language barrier

What really matters to American voters in the 2016 election? According to Frank Luntz, one of the most respected Republican pollsters, it can summarized in a word: “security”.

Keen Nabs $925K From 500 Startups To Bring eCommerce Sexy To An Unsexy Print Industry

Yesterday, we <a href="">covered the series A raise and launch of Printi</a>, a Brazilian startup that's trying to bring some sexy tec

Keen On: Why Google Is Now A Social Company (TCTV)

It was a first. Yesterday, we were fortunate to welcome Google’s two principle architects of <a href="">Google+</a>, <a href="

Keen on … Net Neutrality: Is America Losing its Edge? (TCTV)

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