INNOVATE 2016: How the blockchain will clean up American politics

The Canadian tech futurist and writer Don Tapscott has always had a nose for the next big thing. His best-selling book, Wikinomics, for example, introduced many people to the radical idea of a wiki.

And now Don and his son Alex are back with another big book and big idea. Their Blockchain Revolution introduces blockchain as the new Internet — a technology that will once again change everything.

The Tapscotts argue that the fundamentally transparent nature of blockchain technology — with its unalterable public ledger — will force politicians to be more honest about themselves and their intentions. Blockchain, they promise, will eventually disinfect the American political system — exposing dishonesty and triggering a more accountable political conversation.

So what about the 2016 election? Here, the Tapscotts are less optimistic. By 2020 or 2024, they suggest, things will have changed. But the Blockchain revolution, they regret, will play a minimal role in this year’s election.

As always, many thanks to the folks at CALinnovates for their help in the production of this interview.