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How Cloud Films Wants To Keep Movies Authentic In The Age Of The Selfie

The innovative film maker <a target="_blank" href="">Tiffany Shlain</a> isn't a great fan of selfies. They are mostly two dimensional, she told me at a <

Keen On… Nanotechnology: How It Changes Everything

<a target="_blank" href="">Matthew Puttnam</a> is exactly the kind of guy one would expect to found a nanotechnology company.

Keen On… Scale: How To Spread Excellence From The Few To The Many

<a target="_blank" href="">Bob Sutton</a> is one of Silicon Valley's most influential business gurus.

Keen On… Taxis: The Real Dangers of Riding In an Uber Car

According to <a target="_blank" href="">Bill Rouse</a>, the <a target="_blank" href="">GM of Yellow Cabs of Los

Keen On… Iridescent: How Girls Are 3 Years Ahead Of Everyone Else In The Race To Innovate

<a target="_blank" href=""> Tara Chklovski</a> is the founder and CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Iridescent</a>, a remarkable Google funded

Keen On… Success: Why 99.9% Of Tech Companies Aren’t WhatsApp or Instagram

<a target="_blank" href="">Reggie Aggarwal</a>, the founder and CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Cvent</a>, desc

Keen On… Absolute Value: What Really Influences Customers In The Age Of (Nearly) Perfect Information

How do we decide what to buy? According to Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen, the authors of Absolute Value: What Really Influences Customers in the Age of (Nearly) Perfect Information, we used to mak

Keen On… Big Bang Disruption: How The Innovator’s Dilemma Has Become The Innovator’s Nightmare

According to Downes, the innovator's dilemma has now been replaced by what he calls the "innovator's nightmare". Today's new technology products are so much better and cheaper than legacy products tha

Keen On… Hacking Gender: How Women In Silicon Valley Can Become Jane Bond

Despite incremental improvements, the gender bias issue in Silicon Valley remains an important one -- and one that could benefit from special attention. Earlier this month, Y Combinator's Jessica

Keen On… Slava Rubin: How Indiegogo Is Reinventing Capitalism

It was one of those coincidences that social media types call serendipitous. There I was, wandering around the basement of Las Vegas' Venetian hotel at CES, innocently minding my own business, when wh

Keen On 2014: Apple, Apple & Apple

Having <a href="">reviewed</a> 2013 with me, Robert Scoble now turns his Google Glass eyes forward to 2014.

Keen On… The 2013 Debacle: Why Gavin Newsom Says The Government Is On A Collision Course With The Future

It may be the holiday season, but <a target="_blank" href="">Gavin Newsom</a>, California's tech savvy Lieutenant Governor, is as mad as hell. And he's not

Keen On… Innovation: Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Mojo?

Perhaps best known for his <a target="_blank" href="">definitive book</a> about Facebook, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.

Keen On… 2013: Robert Scoble’s Person And Company Of The Year

2013 has been kind to one of Silicon Valley's most iconic characters - the blogger, tech evangelist and writer <a target="_blank" href="">Robert Scoble</a

Keen On…Jessica Rosenworcel: Why Silicon Valley And Washington DC Can’t Live Without Each Other

There are, of course, many libertarians in Silicon Valley who see Washington DC as the mortal enemy of innovation. But according to Commissioner <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… The Future of Money: Kickstarter and the Bitcoin Climax

Having <a target="_blank" href="">raised</a> over $37,000 on Kickstarter to make a TV show about the future of money, <a tar

Keen On… The Future Starts Here: Why AOL Might Be The New Hollywood Studio

At last count, <a target="_blank" href="">Tiffany Shlain</a>'s massively successful new AOL short film series, <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… Apple Versus Google: The Dogfight Over A $250 Billion Industry

<p>The two biggest dogs in Silicon Valley are Google and Apple, and according to the writer <a target="_blank" href="">Fred Vogelstein</a>, they are waging a war for con

Keen On… Amazon: What Startup Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Ever Innovative Jeff Bezos

While Jeff Bezos' wife, McKenzie, only gave Brad Stone's new book about Amazon <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… Social Media: The First 2,000 Years

How old is social media? Maybe we can date it from the birth of <a target="_blank" href="">Facebook</a> in February 2004. Or perhaps we can go back to 2002, t
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