Keen On… Apple Versus Google: The Dogfight Over A $250 Billion Industry

The two biggest dogs in Silicon Valley are Google and Apple, and according to the writer Fred Vogelstein, they are waging a war for control of the $250 billion content industry. In his new book Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution, Vogelstein argues that this titanic struggle between the Android and iOS operating systems will determine how we get our content in the digital age. Like the Apple versus Microsoft war over the personal computer, Vogelstein believes that this will be a “winner-take-all” fight. “History,” he says, “suggests there will be a winner”. This dogfight has massive implications for the rest of the technology industry, Vogelstein says. And when the fight gets really bloody, the government may be have to finally step in as an umpire. After all, if Google was to win the dogfight and achieved the same dominance in the distribution of content as it currently does in search, then the antitrust argument against Google will become overpowering.