Keen On… Slava Rubin: How Indiegogo Is Reinventing Capitalism

It was one of those coincidences that social media types call serendipitous. There I was, wandering around the basement of Las Vegas’ Venetian hotel at CES, innocently minding my own business, when who should I bump into but Indiegogo co-founder and CEO Slava Rubin. It was too good an opportunity to turn down. With Marius Klausen a product developer at Airtame, one of Indiegogo’s most popular recent campaigns, acting as spontaneous cameraman, I finally got the chance to drag the elusive Rubin onto my show.

So, I asked him, is Indiegogo blowing up capitalism?

Yes, a silly question. But Rubin was typically gracious in his response. Rather than actually blowing up capitalism, he explained, Indiegogo was improving it – enabling startups like Airtame and Panono to sidestep the traditional gatekeepers and get crowdfunding for their innovative ideas and products.

I followed up with an equally silly question. So how big can Indiegogo get?

Given that the six-year-old Indiegogo is already featuring campaigns in 70 to 100 countries per week, Rubin explain, it was already pretty big. That said, however, he did make one mildly ambitious projection. Indiegogo, he predicted, would be around in 100 years. Meaning, of course, that Indiegogo can get seriously bigger. So big, in fact, that by 2114, crowdfunding might, indeed, have reinvented capitalism.