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Keen On… Nolan Bushnell: How To Find The Next Steve Jobs

There are few figures more legendary in Silicon Valley than <a target="_blank" href="">Nolan Bushnell</a>, the Atari co-founder who gave Steve Jobs his f

Keen On… Clive Thompson: Could Technology Really Be Making Us Smarter?

As a feature writer for the <em>New York Times Magazine,</em> <em>Wired </em>and many other publications, <a target="_blank" href="">Clive Thompson</a> is one of tec

Keen On… Why MessageMe Might Be The Future Of Real-Time Communications

<a target="_blank" href="">Ali Rosenthal</a> joined Facebook back in early 2006, when it was a 50 person startup with 4 million users and she quit at t

Keen On… Uproot Wine: How One New York VC Is Tipsy On Californian Sauvignon Blanc

One the one hand, <a target="_blank" href="">Jay Levy</a> , as a partner in <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… The NSA: Can We Trust Silicon Valley With Our Secrets?

Best-selling author <a target="_blank" href="">James Bamford </a>is one of the world's leading authorities on the NSA. At Disrupt SF 2013, he spoke on a

Keen On… Smart Machines: The Next Big Thing For Smart Human Beings

"<a target="_blank" href="">Average is over</a>", says economist<em></em> <a target="_blank" href="http

Keen On… Promoting Yourself: How Social Media Won’t Help You Get A Job

If you want to learn how to promote yourself, read <a target="_blank" href="">Dan Schwabel</a>'s CrunchBase <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… Brewster Kahle: How The Internet Archive Is Fighting Our Orwellian Government

Even if he hadn't founded the <a target="_blank" href="">Internet Archive</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Brewster Kahle</a>

Keen On… Why Saudi Arabia Might Be The Next Silicon Valley

Washington DC based tech investor and entrepreneur <a target="_blank" href="">Chris Schroeder</a> is one of the smartest guys outside Silicon Val

Keen On… The Mobile Future: Why IT Might Not Happen

"The future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed", William Gibson <a target="_blank" href="">famously</a> said. But, with 20 billion conne

Keen On… IfOnly: How Silicon Valley Can Do Well By Doing Good

Brian Solis says that the future of business lies with the <a href="">sale of experiences</a>. Serial entrepren

Keen On… The Women Question: Why Are There So Few Female Startup Entrepreneurs?

Last week, <a target="_blank" href="">L'Oreal</a> awarded their annual <a target="_blank" href="">Next Generation Awards</a> to t

Keen On… Brian Solis: WTF Is The Future Of Business?

<a target="_blank" href="">Altimeter Group</a> analyst <a target="_blank" href="">Brian Solis</a> is now th

Keen On… Draper University Of Heroes: Tim Draper Is Looking For The Best And The Brightest (Is That You?)

Do you have spark? Are you a hero? If so, <a target="_blank" href="">Tim Draper</a> may want to get inside your head. Draper, best known, of course, as

Keen On… The Cave: What Silicon Valley Can Learn From The 2012 Election

Who says that the Beltway always lags behind Silicon Valley? In <a target="_blank" href=""><em>The Center Ho

Keen On… Ninja Innovation: What A Guy From Detroit Can Teach Silicon Valley About Innovation

Does Silicon Valley still lead the world in innovation? Yes, says <a target="_blank" href="">Gary Shapiro</a>, the lo

Keen On… Silicon Valley: How We Need To Scale Down Our Self-Regard And Grow Up

<a href="">Oh dear</a>, it hasn't been a good few weeks for Silicon Valley. And leading the charge in this Silicon Valley bashing is th

Keen On… Internet Access: Does American Broadband Suck?

For years, it's been taken for granted that the US ranks low in the broadband performance table. But a <a href="">controversial</a>

Keen On… Stephen Wolfram: Confessions Of The Most Quantified Person On The Planet

<a target="_blank" href="">Stephen Wolfram</a>, the founder and CEO of the software company <a target="_blank" href="">Wolfram Re

Keen On … Antitrust: Why Startup Entrepreneurs Should Fear Google

Nobody can accuse <a target="_blank" href="">Gary Reback</a>, the <a target="_blank" href="">acclaimed</a
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