Keen On… The Future of Money: Kickstarter and the Bitcoin Climax

Having raised over $37,000 on Kickstarter to make a TV show about the future of money, Heather Schlegel knows a thing or two about both social and financial value. “I ate my own dogfood,” she explained why she used Kickstarter – which she intriguingly describes as an “ATM to tap our social capital” –  to finance a pilot for her TV show.

So, as a current victim of digital disruption, I asked Schlegel if the financial establishment could be about to go through the same meltdown as the media industry.

Perhaps she says. Schlegel believes that we need “more currencies” and describes what she calls the “Bitcoin climax” as a “harbinger of the future.” So let’s hope she raises that next $350,000- $600,000 which will finance her six-part tv show. The future of money is a critically important subject for both startup entrepreneurs and consumers, and we need well-informed futurists like Heather Schlegel to make sense of what she rightly calls this great “paradigm” shift.