Privacy-oriented search app Xayn raises $12M from Japanese backers to go into devices

Back in December 2020 we covered the launch of a new kind of smartphone app-based search engine, Xayn. “A search engine?!” I hear you say? Well, yes, because despite the convenience of modern sear

Known for 5G mmWave testing solutions, Taiwan’s TMYTEK sets its sights on base stations

TMYTEK recently raised a Series A+ round of about $10 million for products that make it easier to test 5G millimeter wave equipment. So far, the company’s clients include KDDI, SoftBank, Fujitsu and

Rakuten’s Viber chat app plans to charge to operate chatbots in controversial move

Viber, the messaging app owned by Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten, is poised to implement a controversial new strategy that will see it charge companies that run chatbots on its platform. The convent

Rakuten has SoftBank in its sights

This week, I’ve tried to do something new at TechCrunch with this experimental column — getting obsessed about a topic broadly in tech and writing a continuous stream of thoughts and analysis abou

Japan is cracking down on SoftBank’s revenue

First, a couple of quick follow-ups to our coverage of Form Ds yesterday, and then a deeper dive into the challenges SoftBank is facing with regards to its revenue in Japan. Finally, some notes on rec

Apple SIM Now Available In Japan

Apple SIM, the SIM card that lets iPad users switch between participating carriers in different countries, has launched in Japan through a partnership with KDDI.

Ossia Raises $10M From KDDI And Others To Help Bring Wireless Power To Japan

Real, practical wireless power is still more fantasy than fact for most, but Ossia has a new strategic partner that could help accelerate its transition to wider availability and usefulness. Japan&#82

In A Bid To Enter The Japanese Market, Kids’ Tablet Maker Fuhu Raises $5M From Telecom KDDI

Japan's second largest cellular provider <a target="_blank" href="">KDDI</a> just announced the first U.S. deal for its Open Innovation Fund — a $5 million investment in <a target

Twilio Signs First Big International Cloud Telephony Licensing Deal With Japan’s #2 Telecom KDDI

Breaking into Japan can be tough for foreign companies since it's culture favors credibility and certainty. So Twilio has just struck an alliance with Japan's well-respected KDDI telecom who will now

MoboTap Inks Deal With KDDI, Dolphin Browser To Be Preloaded On New Japanese Android Phones

<a href="">MoboTap</a>'s popular Dolphin Browser has racked up over 16 million downloads worldwide, but that hasn't stopped them from taking steps to expand internationally. T

Japan’s Top 3 Mobile Carriers Agree To Support Global NFC Standard

Japan, one of the <a href="">most advanced mobile nations</a> in the world, doesn'

Japanese Telco KDDI Buys Content Delivery Network CDNetworks For $167 Million

Quite big news from Asia's web world today: Japanese telecommunications giant KDDI (US$40 billion revenue) announced [JP] it will buy an 85.5% stake in CDNetworks, the Korea-based content delivery net

Japan Gets 8 New Cell Phones: KDDI’s Entire Winter Line-Up

Japan’s second biggest carrier <a href="">KDDI</a> took the <a href="">wraps off</a> [JP] a total of

Report: Japanese Mobile Carrier SoftBank To Lose iPhone Monopoly To KDDI

It happened in the US <a href="">a few months ago</a>, and now something similar is about to happen in Japan, too: in one of Apple's biggest mar

Via Local Telco KDDI: Website Builder Jimdo Lands Deal With Google In Japan

It doesn't happen too often that a European web startup (or any foreign startup, for that matter) makes it in Japan, but <a href="">Jimdo</a> is one of the very few examples of th

Fujitsu’s IS12T Windows Phone Mango Launched In Japan Today (Quick Hands-On)

Last month, <a href="">Fujitsu</a> <a href="">in</a> <a href="

Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T: World’s First Windows Mango Cell Phone Up And Close (Video)

Two days ago, Toshiba-Fujtsu in Japan took the wraps of the IS12T, the world's first world’s first phone running Windows Phone 7.5 (aka <a href="">Mango</a>). We were

Official: Japan To Get The World’s First Windows Phone 7 Mango Handset In September

As the sun just starts to set here on the West Coast, we've got a bit of news straight from the other side of the globe: Fujitsu and KDDI (Japan's second largest wireless operator) have just confirmed

Mi-Look: Cell Phone For The Elderly, Pedometer And Mobile Alarm System In One

<a href="">Kyocera</a> did what a clever cell phone manufacturer whose home market has the oldest society in the world (over 20% of the Japanese people are 65 or old

Report: Fujitsu To Launch World’s First Windows Mango Cell Phone In Japan Next Month

First, Fujitsu-Toshiba unveiled the <a href="">world's first Symbian/Windows 7 dual boot cell phone
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