Report: Fujitsu To Launch World’s First Windows Mango Cell Phone In Japan Next Month

First, Fujitsu-Toshiba unveiled the world’s first Symbian/Windows 7 dual boot cell phone in May, now this: Japanese business daily The Nikkei is reporting that the same company is ready to out the first handset in the world running on Windows Phone Mango, the mobile OS that Microsoft officially unveiled in May.

And despite Microsoft’s announcement that the first Mango phones won’t be available before fall, Japanese mobile carrier KDDI will be rolling out the so-called IS12T in their local market as early as next month.

According to The Nikkei, the device will be waterproof, sport a 3-7-inch LCD screen and come with Facebook and Skype pre-installed (in Japan, KDDI is a strategic partner with these two companies).

The IS12T will carry a price tag of “US$380-505”. We’ll keep you posted, also including possible announcements by Fujitsu-Toshiba if their Mango handset will hit markets outside Japan, too.