Chat app Line is adding Snap-style disappearing stories

Facebook cloning Snap to death may be old news, but others are only just following suit. Line, the Japanese messaging app that’s popular in Asia, just became the latest to clone Snap’s ep

Duolingo adds support for Japanese

Duolingo, the popular language learning service, today added support for learning Japanese to its iOS app, with support for its Android app coming soon. “This is by far the most requested and high

Visual Translation App Waygo Launches Japanese Support

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.waygoapp.com/">Waygo</a>, an app that lets you translate Chinese by hovering your phone over text, just added support for Japanese. Waygo recently won the SXSW 2014

Review: Koi Cheese Flavored Japanese Doritos

So J-List sent me a box of stuff including some (good God) onacups [NSFW]. While I’m debating whether to “review” those devices, I’d like to tell you about Japanese Doritos. Ba

Those crazy face masks Japanese wear in public? They work

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/japanesefacemasks.jpg">While this post is actually just an excuse to show you this great picture - high stockings, cellphones, and vaguel

Toshiba's tiny 8GB mp3 player is GyaO-tiful

I’m not sure what’s up with the name, but this is a cool-looking little gadget. It’s from Toshiba (like this other little guy with a digital TV tuner inside) and it costs about $300.

Make your iPod Nano box into a portable speaker set

I still have the box for my 5G iPod sitting on some shelf somewhere, because it was just too nice to throw away. Of course, I’m a pack rat and keep worthless stuff all the time. But now I have a

Ladybug bots clean Japanese toilets, induce stage fright

That’s…um…adorable? You might see one of these the next time you’re at a Japanese highway rest stop. The Lady Bird "is equipped with water tanks, brushes and other tools n

Sega Toys' mu-bot Headphones: Tiny Man-generated Music?

Believe it or not this here contraption is a pair of headphones. They go by the name of mu-bot (Japanese for “what the hell?”) and they’re scheduled to hit Japan late next month. I d

Powerisers Jumping Stilts

I find myself wanting to try these things even though the experiment would surely end with me crumpled in the pavement. Assuming, however, that I possessed some of that coordination stuff people are a