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  • Android Surpasses iOS In Revenue, If China’s Android App Stores Are Combined

    Android Surpasses iOS In Revenue, If China’s Android App Stores Are Combined

    A new study out this morning upsets the traditional thinking that iOS applications make more money for mobile developers when compared to those that run on Android devices. Instead, after taking into account the large number of non-Google Play Chinese Android app stores in existence, advisory firm Digi-Capital found that not only did Android dominate download volumes in 2014, it also made… Read More

  • Mobile Web Surfers Again Facing Unexpected Redirects To App Store, Native Apps

    Mobile Web Surfers Again Facing Unexpected Redirects To App Store, Native Apps

    Remember the early days of web surfing? You’d be happily browsing through your favorite sites, clicking links – then, boom! – your screen was littered with pop-up advertisements! The problem became so prevalent, people began installing pop-up blocking software on their PCs as a solution to the ongoing annoyance. Today, as users make the transition to mobile, a new irritation… Read More

  • App Annie Reveals The Top 9 App Trends From 2014

    App Annie Reveals The Top 9 App Trends From 2014

    Mobile analytics provider App Annie, the market leader in the app measurement business today, is out this morning with its annual report that takes a look back at the app trends that defined the past year. The report includes a look at app category growth, like the expansion of mobile messaging services, mobile video streaming, “sharing economy” apps and more, as well as growth of… Read More

  • Soon, We'll Have Downloaded More Apps From iTunes Than Songs (Chart)

    Soon, We'll Have Downloaded More Apps From iTunes Than Songs (Chart)

    Asymco, a Helsinki-based app developer / industry analysis advisory firm, ironically founded and led by a longtime Nokia manager, just posted this telling chart on its blog: According to the firm’s research, iTunes download rates for music and iOS apps are both still growing, but accelerating much faster for the latter. In fact, Asymco posits, based on data from the recently updated… Read More

  • Updated Rdio iPhone App Makes Its Way To The App Store

    It took Apple’s review team close to a month, but the update to the Rdio iPhone application is now finally available from the App Store (iTunes link). It’s unclear why it took Apple this long, considering the update merely fixes some software bugs and adds one minor feature (remembering which song you were playing when you last closed the app). Read More

  • Global Smartphone App Download Market Could Reach $15 Billion By 2013: Report

    Research reports forecasting future market sizes should always be taken with a grain of salt, but it occasionally helps to see the estimates of research organizations in order to gain some perspective on the current and upcoming trends for those markets. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what research2guidance has to say about the worldwide smartphone application market, which… Read More

  • Apple's App Store: From 2 To 3 Billion Downloads In Just Over 3 Months

    Apple this morning announced that more than 3 billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store by iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide. This comes nearly 9 months after it first hit 1 billion downloads served, and just over 3 months since it reached the 2 billion downloads mark. No doubt, the holiday season helped increase the number of downloads so rapidly. But still: 1 billion… Read More

  • FutureTap Reflects On "Where To?" iPhone App Acquisition, Talks Numbers

    While there are well over 100,000 iPhone / iPod Touch applications available in the App Store today, early adopters might remember the “Where To?” application (iTunes link), initially developed by tap tap tap, which was one of the first 500 to debut on the platform. It did pretty well, but tap tap tap ended up putting the app up for sale in October 2008 regardless. German… Read More

  • iDroid App Rejected By Apple. Well, Duh.

    Here’s a tip for all you iPhone app developers out there. If you want to make sure your app doesn’t join the long list of rejected iPhone apps out there, make sure it doesn’t advertise a competing product, especially if that product runs the Android operating system. Swavv Apps (creators of Beer Pong) learned that lesson recently when they tried to get their iDroid app past… Read More

  • eBay: Our Mobile Users Will Spend More Than $500 Million On Goods This Year

    Internet commerce juggernaut eBay is unveiling a brand new iPhone application dubbed Deals today, alongside an upgraded version of its shopping app for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform and an enhanced mobile website. And there’s a good reason for eBay to bolster its mobile offering: the company says its mobile GMV (value of goods sold) via its iPhone app and mobile website (… Read More

  • Waveboard Puts Google Wave iPhone Application Up For Sale

    We already knew Waveboard was bringing Google Wave to both the desktop and the iPhone with two dedicated clients, but you’ll be interested to know the iPhone app is now live on the App Store and available for less than a buck (iTunes link). As you can tell from the short demo video below, the app does exactly what you think it does: it displays ‘waves’ and lets you search… Read More

  • Shoppers To Spend $400 Million On eBay This Year … Using Its iPhone App

    Holy m-commerce, Batman! According to eBay CEO John Donahoe, shoppers have already spent about $400 million on the popular commerce site using the company’s free iPhone application. The number pales in comparison with eBay’s total sales figure ($59.7 billion last year), but it’s fairly significant considering the fact that the iPhone has a relatively small market share… Read More

  • Apple Rejects Someecards App For Being Full Of Someecards Content

    Someecards is so damn funny. Too funny, apparently for Apple. In a move that is only surprising because Apple has been getting better about ridiculous app rejections, Apple has rejected Someecards iPhone app on the grounds that it “contains objectionable content and content that ridicules public figures.” Anyone who has ever visited Someecards will know that this is standard… Read More

  • Blackberry App World More Expensive Than iPhone, Android App Stores (Report)

    We’ve covered a couple of Distimo reports in the past because they provide us with some valuable insights on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market based on the startup’s in-depth analysis of publicly available data. Now the company has added RIM’s Blackberry App World store to the fray, which gives us even more data points to compare the rivals’… Read More

  • Palm's Full Monty

    Easily the quote of the night at Palm’s Developer gathering in San Francisco came from Katie Mitic, Palm’s senior vice president of product marketing. “We want to leave it all out there. You know, ‘The Full Monty‘,” she emphatically said when noting that Palm’s goal was to be more open. Anyone who has seen the 1997 British film of the same name… Read More

  • iTunes Connect Plagued With Serious Connection Problems [Updated]

    We’ve been getting a number of tips about iTunes Connect being down for the past couple of days. Looking into it a little deeper, it appears these are not isolated issues, and that app developers all over the world have been experiencing failing or extremely slow iTunes Connect linkups for at least the past 48 hours. iTunes Connect is software that provides access to tools and… Read More

  • Facebook App Developer To Apple: Tear Down This App Store Wall

    Apple has been working overtime recently to right some of the App Store wrongs, led by none other than Senior VP Phil Schiller. And having exposed some App Store approval process secrets in its letter to the FCC, everything should be all hunky dory in the App Store now, right? Wrong. It’s hard to remember an app in recent memory that has been anticipated more than Facebook’s new… Read More

  • Not A Myth To Bust: Discovery Channel Hits The App Store

    Scientist wannabes, rejoice! Discovery Communications has released a Discovery Channel application on the iTunes App Store (link to the program), bringing heaps of video content produced by the popular non-fiction media company to the iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition to video clips, the app also boasts a collection of quizzes, photo galleries, programming schedules and updates from… Read More