Big Tech companies form new consortium to allay fears of AI job takeovers

If the goal is to allay fears of a mass AI threatening of livelihoods, tech incumbents will need to deliver a lot more than vague promises and reports.

Google infringed on five Sonos patents, according to preliminary ruling

Way back in January 2020, Sonos sued Google over patent infringement. Today, the streaming speaker company scored an early victory with the U.S. International Trade Commission. A preliminary ruling pe

ITC Says Samsung Violated Apple Patents, Calls For Sales Ban On Older Samsung Devices

Apple won a seemingly decisive victory against Samsung in its patent-centric court battle last year, but the legal back-and-forth is far from over. The Cupertino company asked the Federal Circuit Cour

Google’s Motorola Unexpectedly Withdraws Its Latest ITC Complaint Against Apple

In August, Google's Motorola Mobility <a href="">filed a patent-infrin

ITC Says It Will Formally Investigate Motorola’s Patent Complaint Against Apple

Almost exactly a month ago, Google's Motorola Mobility <a href="">file

Google Files New Patent Lawsuit Against Apple, Seeks To Block iPhone, iPad & Mac Imports To U.S.

According to <a target="_blank" href="">Bloomberg</a>, Google's Motorola unit just filed a new

HTC One X And EVO 4G LTE Held Up In U.S. Customs, Sprint Pushes Back EVO Release Date

Here's hoping that you already managed to get your hands on an HTC One X, because it may be a while before they appear on store shelves again. According to a release put out by HTC last night, U.S

HTC And Google Sound Off On The ITC’s Patent Ruling

Though they had until April of next year to figure out a fix for their patent-infringing UI feature, HTC CEO Peter Chou has reaffirmed to the media that the company has already has a solution ready to

HTC Warms Up To Settlement Talks With Apple

Perhaps it’s a product of <a href="">Schmidt’s carefree attitude</a> or maybe it’s a little ti

Judge Rules: HTC Infringed On 2 Of Apple’s Patents

The patent battle between <a href="">HTC</a> and <a href="">Apple</a> that had been so quiet for so long has really heated up in the past

Apple Files Second Complaint Against HTC, Asks To Ban Imports

<img src="" />It’s been a good year or so since <a href="">Apple</a> and <a href="http:/

Samsung Files ITC Complaint Against Apple, Tries To Ban Imports Of iStuff

<img src="" />They’re at it again folks, and it only gets uglier and uglier. <a href="">Samsung</a> ha

SolarCity's CEO On What's Holding Back Solar Power In America: It's 50 Markets, Not One

<img src="" class="shot2" /></img> Solar City, a company that designs, installs, and leases out solar power systems to home and bus

New ITC suit could have far-reaching effects on Blu-ray, other technologies

[photopress:threechairs2.jpg,full,left]Who is Gertrude Neumark Rothschild, and why is she potentially responsible for keeping technology like Blu-ray players out of your hands? Rothschild is a retired

Celebrity Death Match: Nokia vs Qualcomm

Fight! Nokia has asked the US International Trade Commission to deny entry of Qualcomm chipsets while the two are fighting it out in court over five patents that Qualcomm is supposedly infringing upon