Necto looks to help individuals get their own local ISP businesses off the ground

If you live in a city, you’re probably deciding between a handful of major broadband or wireless carriers — maybe something like Comcast or AT&T. But there’s a good chance that there

Amazon shuts down its cable store, probably because ISPs are awful

Remember that time when Amazon decided it wanted to sell you internet service and cable TV? Well, that’s done now. Yep, Amazon’s “Cable Store” is no more. As you may recall, ar

Netflix launches its own speed test website,

Netflix wants you to know how fast your internet connection is, and has today launched a new website,, that will give you that information. Basically, it’s a simplified speed test websi

Google Fiber’s latest innovation is a landline

Google Fiber may be the holy grail of Internet service for many, but many people still rely on landlines for everyday communication purposes or emergency use. In order to allow its subscribers to seve

Costs And Risks Of UK’s Draft Surveillance Powers Probed

A U.K. parliamentary committee tasked with scrutinizing the new surveillance powers contained in the draft Investigatory Powers Bill has heard several contradictory views on the proposed legislation.

ProtonMail On Battling A Sustained DDoS Attack

Encrypted webmail provider, ProtonMail, has been fighting a wave of DDoS attacks since November 3 that, by last Friday, had taken its service offline for more than 24 hours. At the time of writing the

PornTime Is PopcornTime For Other Kinds Of Movies

If you’ve ever used PopcornTime you’ll agree that the Internet is at once amazing and highly subversive. PopcornTime, for example, is a great celestial jukebox of movies streamed from Torr

Google Shames Slow U.S. ISPs With Its New YouTube Video Quality Report

The relationship between ISPs and large content providers like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube has become pretty contentious lately. To bring some transparency into how well ISPs deliver video content, Netf

A Photographer’s Take On The iPhone 5S Camera

The iPhone 5S announcement this week was punctuated with a lot of specs and buzzwords. Much of it centered around the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner and the 64-bit processor. But the most intriguing

Agawi Partners With NVIDIA To Deliver Ready-To-Stream Gaming Architecture To ISPs And Telcos

Internet providers have been demoted to dumb tubes with the advent of services like Netflix, iTunes, Spotify and others, which is not where they want to be. Agawi, which has spent the past few years b

Austin Tops San Francisco In Study Of Fastest Download Speeds

<a href="">Pando Networks</a> is releasing new data today about American broadband speeds, taken from over 10 million downloads facilitated by the company's consumer-facing

FCC Analysis Reveals ISP Speed Winners And Losers

So let’s say you walk into a Best Buy looking for a new tablet. You walk up to the guy in the blue polo and tell him what you’re looking for. After taking you to the tablet section, he whips out a

Comcast's 105Mbps On Deck For National Rollout

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Comcast</a> is about to nationally roll out its 105Mbps (!) Internet s

Verizon FiOS to No Longer Require Contract

<img src="" />Lately, Verizon has been attacked by cable companies for its aversion to contract-free <a href="

UK ISPs prepare for Digital Economy P2P fallout

<img src="" />The Digital Economy Act passed in the UK, as you know, and <a HREF="

What is Comcast going to do with all its money?

<img src="" />Do you have Comcast stock? Are you concerned with all the money the company has in its coffers? Yes, that <i>sounds</i> ludi

Guess why the big ISPs have refused broadband stimulus money

<img src="" />There's two ways to look at the story that many of the country's biggest ISPs have refused government stimulus money for

Verizon calls out Cablevision over ‘fastest broadband in America’ claim

<img src="" />Game on! Cablevision, a cable company that serves the suburbs of New York City, and whose ISP, OptimumOnline, I use, recentl

AT&T is the first ISP to cooperate with RIAA's new ‘spot the copyright infringer’ scheme

<img src="" />The RIAA received some rare “good press” a few months ago when it announced that it would no longer go after individua

Luck ran out: Irish ISP agrees to music industry demands to selectively block access to Web sites

<img src="" />An Irish ISP has apparently buckled under the pressure of The Man, and will now block access to any and every site
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