• Review: HP Photosmart D110a, the printer with an email address

    Despite numerous advancements in printer technology, the fundamental failing of almost every consumer printer on the market today is the necessity to install printer drivers. Usually these drivers are accompanied by all manner of essentially junk software that “helpfully” pop up reminders when your printer is out of ink, or out of paper, or whatever. Hewlett Packard is making… Read More

  • The Tasteful Thickness Of Your Free Google Profile Business Card

    How serious is Google getting about promoting its profiles? Well, aside from now including them in Google Search results, and giving you the option to have a vanity URL, Google is now giving away 10,000 sets of business cards to people that have one. The deal, in partnership with iPrint.com, is being promoted with a huge link at the top of Google Profile pages. The link reads, “New! Read More

  • HP iPrint Photo App for the iPhone and iPod Touch

    Hewlett Packard announced their iPrint Photo applicaiton for the iPhone and iPod Touch, “the first application available on the Apple App store to print photos directly from an iPhone or iPod”. It’s a free download from the app store, so what are you waiting for? Read More