The Tasteful Thickness Of Your Free Google Profile Business Card

american-psycho-patricks-a-card-200wHow serious is Google getting about promoting its profiles? Well, aside from now including them in Google Search results, and giving you the option to have a vanity URL, Google is now giving away 10,000 sets of business cards to people that have one.

The deal, in partnership with, is being promoted with a huge link at the top of Google Profile pages. The link reads, “New! Order profile business cards to tell your friends about your profile.” Click on the link and you’ll be taken to an ordering page.

The cards are pretty basic, but they’re an idea that’s been getting buzz on the web for quite some time. It’s simply a white card with a big Google logo. In the middle is the Google Search box, which has your real name (as opposed to your profile name) inside of it. At the bottom it has the vanity URL for your profile.

With the promotion, the first 10,000 people who sign up will get 25 free cards. But you’ll have to sign up for an iPrint account to get them. And unfortunately, these cards are only available to be shipped in the continental U.S.

And yes, the card even has an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. But sadly no, it doesn’t have a watermark.


Update: As some commenters are noting, it looks like you may need to create and fill out a Google Profile for that link to the free business cards page to work (which makes sense).

[thanks Derek for the tip]