Report: Klaviyo to IPO later this year

As the stock market cooled last year, it led to a dearth of startup IPOs. That could be about to change. The Wall Street Journal reports that Klaviyo, the Boston-based marketing automation startup tha

We’d give an arm and a leg for an ARM IPO filing

Our Monday show is a kickoff for the week that covers startup news, tech news and a little bit of the money that powers both.

Putting numbers on the global venture slowdown

Total venture funding in 2022 amounted to $415.1 billion, 35% less than in 2021.

Are Arm and Ant Group’s derailed exits back on track?

Once an exit gets off the rails, and under current market conditions, it is just not easy to get back on track.

Is Instacart a forerunner of bad news?

Instacart's first major valuation haircut was a sign of bad things to come for other tech companies on the delivery, IPO or valuation fronts. It now seems that we might not have hit rock bottom yet.

It’s foie gras season in unicorn land

EquityZen shared insights on secondary stock sales and a few IPO predictions that gave us food for thought.

It will take a ‘bulletproof’ startup to break the IPO logjam

It appears that the S-1 drought is set to continue until some brave company breaks the logjam in style.

Maybe we didn’t deserve any IPOs this year

We cannot provide enough handicapping to eliminate the fact that so very many 2021 tech IPOs were, from a returns perspective, hot garbage once they floated.

After a series of misfires in Q3, here’s what we expect for startups in Q4

Join us for a jolly jaunt through our list of events that we failed to predict in Q3, and what we expect to happen in Q4 2022.

For Brazilian shareholders, Nubank’s IPO has a bitter aftertaste

Nubank's decision is now another data point that leaves us wondering how long it will be before another Latin American fintech dares to IPO.

As US SPACs flounder, did Europe largely dodge a bullet?

Things have turned so sour for SPACs that it leaves us with a question: Why did anyone think that this was a good idea again?

Checking in on China’s venture scene as Q3 rolls along

How are the myriad issues in China's economy impacting Chinese startups?

As Deezer goes public via SPAC, is the blank-check boom really over?

Let’s chat through the results of the Deezer deal, how quickly the IPO market has changed more generally, and then drill into the European SPAC market in the wake of Deezer’s demonstrative debut.

Retail investors or guinea pigs?

From early IPOs to startup crowdfunding, are non-professional investors assuming more risk than they should?

Bidding adieu to the SPAC craze

The implosion of the SPAC boom has proven a multiquarter process. We may be in the final throes of the experiment, at least from a startup perspective.

Tiger Global, hit by $17B in hedge fund losses, has nearly depleted its latest VC fund

Tiger Global is having a year. According to a new report from Financial Times, the low-flying-yet-seemingly-ubiquitous 21-year-old outfit has seen losses of about $17 billion during this year’s tech

Will the corporate venture boom lead to an M&A frenzy?

Why recent CVC activity combined with the current climate for startups could result in a more active M&A market.

As the pandemic wanes, VCs are investing less in health-focused startups

Riffing through CB Insights data regarding global VC investment into health tech, the word we came away with was "retreat."

Tech companies are still going public in Asia, but not enough to halt the global IPO slowdown

Asia-based companies accounted for nine out of the top 10 IPOs in the first quarter of 2022, which raises the question: Is Asia a haven for public exits amid the current global slowdown?

GoTo’s debut shows the global IPO window is not entirely closed

A large initial public offering took GoTo public in Indonesia. Given the generally chilly global IPO climate, and the fact that GoTo managed to float without sinking, The Exchange got curious.
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