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A venture fund maintaining some allocation for follow-on investments is not unheard of. But should VCs do this?

3 reasons to maintain a follow-on allocation

If you were a solo venture capitalist — or solo GP as they have come to be known — during the 2020–2021 boom, you might be in trouble now, especially…

Robin Haak launches Robin Capital, the latest fund to join the solo GP trend in Europe

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How much money should you raise for your startup?

Let’s dive into how you can best design your startup’s journey through the various funding stages — and detail how much you need to raise at each stage.

9:30 am PST • December 12, 2022
How much money should you raise for your startup?

We’ll look at great examples of summary slides from the TechCrunch Pitch Deck Teardown series and detail what needs to go on the slide.

Hook your investors with the perfect summary slide

By keeping the information you provide tightly coupled with the initial story that captured investor interest, you create momentum within the partnership.

How to create a due diligence road map for Series B investors

Founders should think of three primary documents as their holy trinity: the deck, the strategy memo and the forecast model to capture attention and ensure info is transmitted clearly.

Getting serious about Series B: 3 documents that will help founders control the narrative